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Vijay Kedia Success Story

Vijay Kedia Success Story

Vijay Kedia


Vijay Kedia is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and investor from India. He is the founder of Mumbai-based investment business Kedia Securities. He is well-known for his long-term investing strategy, and he has established a lucrative portfolio of assets in companies such as Reliance Industries, Maruti Suzuki, and Titan Company. He began trading stocks at the age of 14 and took over his family's brokerage firm after his father died when he was 19. He has delivered keynote addresses at a number of notable universities, including IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, MDI Murshidabad, and the London Business School. He has also spoken at TEDx twice. Various media publications have referred to him as a "market master" and a successful investor.


Vijay Kedia was born in Kolkata to a Marwari stockbroker family. He was the fifth generation in the family business and became interested in the stock market when he was 14 years old. He began trading using his family accounts, but he encountered numerous obstacles and losses. His father died when he was 19 years old, forcing him to take over the stock broking business to support his family. He married and had a son, but his financial situation was so severe that he couldn't purchase milk for his child. To fund his personal expenses, he once had to sell his mother's gold jewelry. In addition, he had to share a room with six other people and struggle to make ends meet.


Vijay Kedia earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calcutta. In 2016, he was also awarded a Doctorate Degree for Excellence in Management by the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission (CIAC).


Vijay Kedia began his career in the stock market at the age of 14 and took over his family's brokerage firm when his father died when he was 19. However, he was uninterested in broking and instead to concentrate on his trading profession. He endured numerous problems and losses in his early years and decided to focus on investing. In 1990, he relocated from Kolkata to Mumbai to try his luck in the stock market.
He quickly honed his skill to pick multi-bagger stocks that provided him with massive gains. ACC, Atul Auto, Aegis Logistics, Cera Sanitaryware, Vaibhav Global, Sudarshan Chemicals, and others are among his major ventures. In addition, he correctly predicted the start of a structural bull run in India in 2012.
He employs a one-of-a-kind investing technique known as SMILE, which stands for Small in size, Medium in experience, Large in ambition, and Extra-large in market potential. He seeks organizations with competent and honest management, unique products or services, and potential for expansion. He also believes in placing large bets and riding through difficult times with patience and courage.
For the past 30 years of his financial career, he has been completely involved. According to corporate shareholdings disclosed for June 30, 2021 (Q1 FY22), Vijay Kedia and his firm own 16 equities valued about Rs 810.6 crore.


"Invest like a bull, sit like a bear and watch like an eagle. (mantra for long term investing)" ~Vijay Kedia

"Investing is like Yoga. Body, mind and soul have to be aligned."~Vijay Kedia

"Market rewards you as per your perception."~Vijay Kedia

"Investing is a business, investment is a project and investor is a promoter." ~Vijay Kedia

"Don’t always trust what you see. In a bull market even a duck looks like a swan." ~Vijay Kedia


Vijay Kedia serves as an inspiration to many prospective investors who desire to emulate his success. He has demonstrated that high heights in the stock market can be attained by enthusiasm, knowledge, hard work, and dedication. He is also a philanthropist who supports a variety of humanitarian causes and serves as a career counselor for young pupils.

"Better to lose money in a good company rather than making money in a bad one."~Vijay Kedia


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