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Success story of Twitter

Twitter Success Story



Twitter is an American social networking. It has headquartered in San Francisco, California, U.S. It also provide micro blogging service to their users. In this user post message which are called tweets. Like other site it also help people to connect to each other and also companies to it coworker.
The big and best use of twitter is this that it give the user a biggest news and stories to know about. In this people post tweets which contain photos, videos and links. Twitter is mostly similar to other sites but the difference is most brands are largest companies are seen here. Twitter let the user read the message w hich is restricted with 140 characters.

“The greatest lesson that I learned in all of this is that you have to start. Start now, start here, start small and keep it simple.”~ Jack Dorsey

When twitter was founded?

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. The co-founder of twitter is jack Dorsey. He was born on the 19th of November 1976 in St. Louis, Missouri, US, to Marcia Smith and Tim Dorsey. The father of him worked for the company that developed a mass spectrometers. His mom was homemaker. At his early age he developed interest in maps and computer and became the member of computer club in his studying time.
Jack Dorsey studied from the University of Missouri–Roll and New York University with no degree. After completing study he started working as a programmer. Later on he moved to Dorsey moved to California in Oakland and started his own company to dispatch couriers, taxis, and emergency services from the Web. Then he got others ideas with is idea of making a messaging communication service.

“Twitter has been my life's work in many senses. It started with a fascination with cities and how they work, and what's going on in them right now.”~ jack Dorsey


Later on his company failed and he struggles finically for few years. But still he didn’t give up on his dream. He approached Podcasting Company called Odeo and this is the place where he will met the other co-founders of twitter. At first it was started as Obvious Corporation formed by Dorsey, along with the Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and some other members of ‘Odeo’.
After this jack Dorsey created a small website and that website allow the user to instantly post a small 140 characters of tweet. This is the beginning point of that twitter which we see today. Jack Dorsey set the name of his website twitter because this word means a short inconsequential burst of information and this word also means the voices and chirps of birds. According to some news the original name of twitter was “twttr” when it’s officially released.
Twitter was launched on 21 march 2006 and at first the logo of twitter was not bird but its name in green color. Later on this type of logo updated to bird which we see today. At first jack Dorsey served as the CEO of the twitter. Then later on in 2008 William took the role of CEO of twitter. At this time jack Dorsey became the chairman of the company.
After three four years of launching in 2010 the number of tweet was increased to 50 million each day but the first tweet was form jack Dorsey himself. Then by the time it became more and more famous. In 2012 almost 500 million users registered on this site. Later on it included in world most 10 visited sites. Later on the number of tweet increased to 340 million. Twitter provide many services but those user who are not registered those are only able to read tweets of others.
Twitter is also a good platform for celebrities to connect with their fans and to share photos instantly. Some of the content on twitter seems useless. It is the site on which the people come to know that is on the top of trend and other news about global world. One of the major benefits of using Twitter is for building and cultivating your brand community. Twitter is also described as the ‘SMS of internet’.

Subsidiaries of twitter:

Now in modern world twitter owned many companies some of them are gnip, Vine, Magic Pony Technology, TellApart, Periscope, and Tweet Deck and many more.


Periscope was American live video streaming app lunched for android and ios. This service was launched in 2015 but today this service is removed from play store or app store and no longer accessible. This is shut down just over six year of lunching.


Gnip is the world largest and the most trusted provider of social media and this company was purchased by twitter in 2014. This was a social media application programming interface (API) Aggregation Company. This company headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, United States Gnip was founded by Jud Valeski and Eric Marcoullier it had a customers in 40 countries.


TweetDeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with what's happening now. Iain Dodsworth was the founder of tweetdeck they have website name tweetdeck.twitter.com and TweetDeck is also known as a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. Like other applications of twittet this one also interfaces with the Twitter API to allow users to send and receive tweets and view profiles. Twitter acquired TweetDeck for $40 million in 2011.

Magic pony technology

Magic pony technology is the company acquired by twitter in 2016. The acquisition was valued at $150 million. This is a technology company that develops machine-learning based approach for visual processing on web and mobile. Twitter owned this in effort to improve machine learning to enhance video quality, expand a photograph’s size, and develop virtual reality graphics. This company had a headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Facts about twitter:

  • Now in modern world most company used twitter to promote themselves almost 65.8% of US companies with 100+ employees use Twitter for marketing and $70m was spent on ads in 2017.
  • 80% of Twitter users are those who mentioned any brand in a tweet.
  • On twitter in every single minute an average of 350,000 new tweets are posted.
  • The logo of twitter is bird with name Larry T bird the inspiration of this name was taken by the football player Larry bird.
  • The most followed person on twitter is Barack Obama then Justin bieber and then katy perry.


Twitter's mission in simple words is to give people a way to express themselves and stay informed in real-time. They want to connect the world through short messages, known as tweets, that allow people to share thoughts, news, and ideas with others quickly and easily.


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