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Samsung Success Story, Journey

Samsung Success Story



Samsung, a globally recognized conglomerate, has been a driving force in the world of technology for decades. Established in 1938, this South Korean company has grown into a powerhouse, touching various aspects of our daily lives. In this essay, we will delve into the inception of Samsung, how its founder conceived the idea, the challenges it faced, its subsidiary companies, intriguing facts, and its ongoing mission.

How the Founder Got the Idea for Samsung?

The story of Samsung commences with its founder, Lee Byung-chul. In 1938, Lee established a small trading company in Daegu, South Korea, primarily dealing with groceries and dried-fish. His vision, however, extended far beyond the conventional realm of trade. He believed in the potential for growth in post-war Korea and envisioned diversifying into multiple industries to contribute to the nation's development.


Samsung encountered formidable challenges during its early years. The disruption caused by the Korean War inflicted financial hardship. Lee's resilience prompted innovative diversification into textiles, food processing, and insurance, among other sectors. This strategic shift allowed Samsung to weather the storm and set the stage for its future accomplishments.


Samsung's success story is intertwined with its extensive network of subsidiaries, each specializing in diverse industries. Prominent subsidiaries include:
  • Samsung Electronics:

    Samsung Electronics is the biggest part of the Samsung Group and makes many things that people use, such as phones, TVs, machines for the home, and chips for computers. Samsung Electronics makes new and better things with technology and helps people live better lives with its products.
  • Samsung Heavy Industries:

    Samsung Heavy Industries is a part of Samsung that makes ships, platforms, and machines for the sea and land. It started a long time ago in the 1970s and has done many important things for the sea and land industries. Samsung Heavy Industries makes different kinds of ships, platforms, and machines for different purposes.
  • Samsung Life Insurance:

    Samsung Life Insurance is a part of Samsung that sells insurance for life and other things. It helps people feel safe and happy with their money. Samsung Life Insurance also helps people manage their money and plan for their future.
  • Samsung Engineering:

    Samsung Engineering is a part of Samsung that does engineering, buying, and building for different industries, such as oil, power, and projects for the land. It gives good engineering solutions and works in many places in the world.


  • Samsung Electronics is the world's leading smartphone manufacturer, with a significant global market share.
  • Samsung's semiconductor division plays a vital role in the tech industry, supplying components to major companies worldwide.
  • The company consistently ranks among the top spenders in research and development, driving innovation.
  • Samsung is committed to sustainability, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and promote renewable energy sources.


Samsung's mission revolves around inspiring and improving lives through innovation and technology. The company is dedicated to creating a brighter future by delivering groundbreaking products and services that enhance people's daily experiences. Additionally, Samsung takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously, contributing positively to society through various initiatives and sustainable practices.
In conclusion, Samsung's journey from a modest trading company to a global technological giant is a testament to its founder's vision and perseverance. Overcoming early challenges, Samsung diversified and adapted to become a leader in multiple industries. With its extensive subsidiaries, impressive facts, and a mission centered on innovation and societal betterment, Samsung continues to shape the world through its contributions to technology and progress.


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