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Abraham Lincoln Success Story

Abraham Lincoln Success Story

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was an American lawyer and statesman. He was also the 16th president of the united states from 1861 to 1965. Abraham Lincoln led the nation through the American civil war and succeed in preserving the union. Abraham Lincoln was born on 12 February 1809. He was born in a small one-room cabin 3 miles south of Hodgenville, Kentucky. His family was very poor.
He was the second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. His family had to move several times. When he was two-year-olds his family move to the valley of Knob Creek in 1811. His earliest memories were once a flood washed the seed of corn and pumpkin that he had planted with his father plant. His childhood was not perfect and he also faced a struggle and failure a lot of times but he never give up.
In 1814 Thomas Lincoln or Abraham’s father had lost most of his land in Kentucky in legal disputes over land titles. His father was an uneducated but hard-working farmer. His parent work hard and tried enough money to support their family. In 1816 his family moved to southwestern Indiana. A crude structure of logs and boughs with one side open to the weather in which the family took shelter behind a blazing fire. Now at this time Abraham was seven years old and helped his father to build their new cabin in the wood. Abraham helped to clear the fields and to take care of the crops but early acquired a dislike for hunting and fishing.
His teachers in the pioneer schools in Indiana don’t have any arithmetic textbooks, so Abraham Lincoln found some paper, which was hard to come by, tied it together, and created his own "sum book."The unhappiest period of his life was when his mother died. When he was 9 years old his mother died due to milk sickness which occurs when the person drinks the milk of that cow which eats poisonous plants in autumn 1818. Abraham spends his winter without the warmth of his mother's love.

“My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right.”

“When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion.”

“Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves”

Thomas Lincoln (father of Abraham Lincoln) returned to Elizabethtown, Kentucky late the following year. His father remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston on 2 December 1819. Now, this stepmother takes care of these children a lot. He like his stepmother so much so he called her stepmother his “angel mother”.Abraham's stepmother encouraged him to read as wisely as he could. His desire was to learn something of a mystery. Both his parents are uneducated but Abraham Lincoln himself gets little formal education. He then borrow books from teachers, neighbors, and any travelers that passed by. Mostly he educated himself by borrowing books and newspapers from others.
Abraham was largely self-educated. Abraham also claimed that he spent only 12 months in a schoolhouse in his entire life. His neighbors later recalled how he used to walks slowly for miles to borrow a book. Family, neighbors, and schoolmates recalled that his reading included the King James Bible, Aesop's Fables, John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, and The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Abraham Lincoln taught him things that most children learn in school. In 1830 Lincoln was almost 21 years old and then their family moved to Illinois. He helped his father establish a farm in Macon County. Abraham also had a conflict with his father that think that Abraham should help him on the farm and there is no time off school. His father Thomas rented Abraham's labor to neighbors. Abraham was tall and gained a reputation among others, boys. Abraham also set his own in the spring of 1831.
Abraham Lincoln had no desire to become a farmer. He also tried a variety of occupations. He started splitting rails. As a rail-splitter, he helped to clear and his father’s new farm. Lincoln settled in the village of New Salem where he worked as a boatman. This was a village of about 25 families on the Sangamon River. There he worked as a storekeeper, postmaster, surveyor, and store clerk. He then enlisted in Black Hawk War as a volunteer. He elected to lead his company of soldiers and later he admired that this gave him more satisfaction than any of the elections he won. After the Black Hawk War, he did a number of different things. Lincoln worked on a riverboat, ran a store, and thought about becoming a blacksmith.
In 1833 he borrowed money from his friends but failed and went bankrupt. He spends 17 years of his life paying that debt. Then he wanted to become a legislator. On his first attempt, he was defeated but then reelected to the state assembly. He was elected to the Illinois Legislature in 1834 and was reelected in 1836, 1838, 1840, and 1844. Later Abraham Lincoln decided to study law and then he began studying the law books. Abraham Lincoln didn’t succeed in everything he attempted but he didn’t lose hope.
In 1834 he pass the bar examination and began a law practice. At first, Lincoln was a partner of John T. Stuart, then of Stephen T. Logan, and finally, from 1844, of William H. Herndon. He engaged a beautiful he love him but his fiancée in 1835. Due to his fiancée died he had a nervous breakdown and he spent almost six months of his life on the bed. He lost several law cases, was passed over as the Republican Party's vice presidential nominee, and when he ran for the U.S.
In 1842 Abraham Lincoln was married to Mary Todd. This couple had four children but unfortunately, one of them was survived and the other three didn’t reach their childhood. He continued his law career, Lincoln continued his involvement in politics, serving in the United States House of Representatives from Illinois in 1846. He was elected president of the United States on November 6, 1860.

“I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be an atheist, but I cannot conceive how a man could look up into the heavens and say there is no God.”

“Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing.”

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

“I laugh because I must not cry, that is all, that is all. ”

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