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Byju’s Raveendran Success Story

Byju’s Raveendran Success Story

Byju’s Raveendran:

Byju’s is a multinational education company and its headquarter is in Bangalore. It is founded in 2011 by byjuRaveendran and DivyaGokulNath. It is the world's most valuable educational company.
The founder and the CEO of byju’s is byju’sraveendran. Byju’sRaveendran grows up in the coastal village of Azhikode. He studied in a Malayalam-medium government school.
Byju’sRaveendran journey starts from the coastal village of Azhikode in Kerala. He studied in a Malayalam-medium government school in a south Indian village in Kannur district. His both parents are teachers there. His mother is a mathematics teacher and his father is a physics. He often skip classes and studied at home.
He studied mechanical engineering in his home state of Kerala. After completing his B Tech mechanical engineering he joined multinational shipping as a service engineer in 2001 in Singapore. Byju’s is also an expert in sports. He played various sports like football, cricket, table tennis, and badminton at a university level.
During his vacation trip back to India. His friend asks him to help him. He helped his friend in the preparation for the common admission test (CAT). His friend and he took the CAT exam and they both get 100 percentile. From here his journey from a normal boy to become a billionaire was started. He took the CAT exam twice and then he got a call from IIMs (Indian Institute of management). But he didn’t want to pursue the MBA (master of business administration).
“During my work breaks, I used to help my friends with the tips and tricks to crack CAT. I used to sit for the exams along with them. Something that started out as a CAT hack catch-ups in coffee shops, grew into auditorium and stadium sessions”.
He continued to help other people in the preparation for the CAT exam and all of those people get good results. Then he decided to quit his job and move back to India. He took the mathematics workshop for free and then started charging fees when he is confident about his teaching. Then afterward his workshop become so popular and more than 20000 students participated in such one workshop.
In 2005 he quit the job and move to back India to teach those people who want to do an MBA. Later he becomes popular as a teacher.
In 2007, byju’s started the test preparation business byju’s classes later grow to stadium classes.
In 2009 he start recording videos of the workshop he organized.
In 2011 byju’s and his wife DivyaGokulNath founded byju’s. DivyaGokulNath is his student in exam preparation classes. Later he starts up his think and learn the parent company of byju’s.
“ I do business for fun…been very fortunate enough to have my passion intersect with the real need, and obviously, I had the guts to pursue it, and I’ll pursue it till I get it and there is nothing like ( actually over getting it). The day I think it is successful, the game is over”.
His student who studied at IIM’s encouraged him to start a byju’s classes.
In August 2015 after four years of development firm developed its online offering learning app. This was downloaded by more than 5.5 million people in just the first year. In the finical year, byju’s doubled its revenue to Rs 2, 800 crore. Later India happens to be the second-largest edtech market in the world after the united states.
In 2016,byju’s become the first in Asia who receive funding from the chan-Zuckerberg initiative, an initiative by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.
In 2017 think and learn company launched byju’s math app for kids and parents connect the app to tracks their children learning courses. . In March 2017 a case study on byju’s was featured in Harvard Business School’s curriculum. It is the biggest achievement for this company. Later byju’s started operating on a global platform.
In 2018 the company got 15 million users with 900,000 paid users.
In 2019 byju’s won the sponsored rights from India cricket team jersey. Mohanlal and the shah rukh khan is the brand ambassadors of byju’s company. In January 2019 byju’s acquired a US-based Osmo, a maker of educational games for children aged 3-8 years for 120 million dollars.
In byju’s academic subjects and concepts are explained with digital animation videos in 20 and 21 minutes. Byju’s company has 40 million users overall and 3 million annual paid subscribers. The annual user of byju’s is about 85%.
In April 2021 byju’s also announced that they will launch the BYJU’S Future School” led by whitehat jar founder Karan bajaj. Byju’s will launch the Future school in the USA, UK, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico in May.He once said:
“Just stay in the game and be in the game of ‘you versus you’. The moment you chase that game then there is no failure because every failure is something which you will learn from; and when you are losing to yourself, nobody knows, and there is no pressure. Every time you will create better benchmarks, so raise your bar each time”.
Byju’s is one of the most funded education startups in the world, having raised around 1.6 billion. Its investors include Facebook founder Facebook CEO, china’s Tencent, South African private equilty firm Naspers and Silicon Valley, and Mary Meeker’s bond capital.
The main aim of byju’s company is to provide the students of the kinder garden to 12 coachings through online video lectures. Byju’s also teaches those who want to take competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, CAT, GRE, and GMAT. He once said:

“I always say that all of us are far better than we think we are all of us can do a lot more than what we think we can. So just raise the bar of what you want to do, and when you are about to reach that point raise the bar again. Then you’ll have fun. You’ll actually have fun. Just ‘you versus you’."

Byju’s days it’s important to stay from the rat race, something the Indian school system, unfortunately, seems to encourage.

“The average English that I speak during this interview. I learnt listening to sport commentary on radio. And maybe that’s also the reason I speak fast”.

“I am not trying to make billions, I am trying to change the way millions thinks and learn”.

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