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Sundar Pichai Success Story

Sundar Pichai Success Story

Sundar Pichai:

He was born in a middle-class family. He was raised in a two-bedroom house. They don’t have many luxuries.
“There was a simplicity to my life, which was very nice compared with today's world. We lived in a kind of modest house, shared with tenants. We would sleep on the living room floor”.
His father is an electrical engineer.During Sundar childhood, his family doesn’t have any and car and his father had to save money for about three years to buy a scooter. His family didn’t have a phone until the sudar is 12.
Then later he realizes he remembers every number which he dialed. That phone sparked his love for technology. Sundar doesn’t have much success with technology.
“There are probably things about technology that frustrate you and make you impatient. Don’t lose that impatience. It will be the next technology revolution and enable you to build things my generation could never dream of”.
Sundar doesn’t have much access to computers till he moved to United State (us).
“I didn’t have regular access to a computer till I came to America for graduate school, on television when we finally got one only one channel. By contrast, you grew up with computers of all shapes and sizes”.
In the United States, he attended Stanford University on a scholarship. His parents make sure that there get a better education.
“My dad and mom did what a lot of parents did at the time. They sacrificed a lot of their life and used a lot of their disposable income to make sure their children were educated”.
He studied engineering at an Indian institution of technology.
“I grew up without much access to technology, we didn't get our first telephone till I was ten, I didn't have regular access to a computer till I came to America for graduate school”.
He got a scholarship at Stanford. His father spends his one-year salary on Sundar's plane ticket to the United States and that was his time on a plane. But America is so expensive for Sundar the phone call to his home is up to 2 dollars for one minute. Sundar's bag pack cost is almost his dad's monthly.
He earned his degree from IIT Kharagpur in metallurgical engineering. He did MS from Stanford University in material science and engineering. He did an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
“My father spent the equivalent of a year's salary on my plane ticket to the US so I could attend Stanford. It was my first time ever on a plane”.
“The only thing that got me from here to there—other than luck—was a deep passion for technology and an open mind”.
SundarPichai was appointed as a management consultant in McKinney Company. In McKinney, he worked in engineering and product management.
On 1 April 2004 SundarPichai go to Google office to do this first interview on the same day Google launch a Gmail test version.
Sundar is responsible for Google chrome and also for Google drive. He went to oversee for development of other applications such as Gmail and Google map. SundarPichai also launches Google chrome. Sundar worked on Google toolbar for Netscape, MS Explorer, and Firefox.
Sundar gives the idea that Google develops its own web browser before Microsoft builds a search engine. He discusses the idea with his seniors but CEO Eric Schmidt doesn’t have any interest in Sundar's idea because he thought that it is too expensive and a waste of time and said him to focus on the toolbar. One day Microsoft replaced Google with Bing in internet explorer. Microsoft makes the Bing default search engine. That day Google loses almost 300 million customers. Then in 2008 Pichai launch Google chrome.
In 2009 Pichai give a demonstration of a chrome book. Chrome book is released for testing in 2011.
In 2013 Pichai added Android to the list of Google products. Android is formerly managed by Andy Rubin. Pichai has suggested for contender of Microsoft CEO in 2014.
In 2015 Sundar is selected as the next CEO of Google After four years he was also named as CEO of Google parent company alphabet. Sundar is a sky boy from a humble middle-class family who slept on the floor but now today due to his effort and struggles he is the CEO of Google and alphabet the most powerful companies in the world.

“Take the time to find the thing which excites you more than anything else in the world, not the things your parents want you to do, or the thing all your friends are doing, or the society expects of you”.

“As a leader, it is important just not see your own success but focus on the success of others”.

“you might fail a few times, but that’s ok. You end up doing something worthwhile which you learn a great deal from”.

“Opportunities are not happens you create them”.

“We make products at Google which will save time”.

“Don’t try to beat a competitor create your own game and when you invent your new game competition will be end”.

“Focus on education is a big strength. I want to see young people focus on creativity and take more risks”.

SundarPichai is married to Anjali Pichai. Anjali was Sundar's classmate at IIT Kharagpur. They have two kids, a boy named KiranPichai and a girl named KavyaPichai. The couple stays in Los Altos hills. Sundar is the brain behind the Google famous toolbar. This toolbar led to massive increase in user searches. Chrome is the most worldwide use browser. SundarPichai also works on other Google products such as Google gear and Google pack. SundarPichai has an estimated net worth of around $600 million. He is among the highest-paid executives in the world. SundarPichai's journey is an inspiration for many. From being raised in a modest family to becoming the CEO of Google one of the biggest organizations, he is an example of hard work and sincerity. Sundar once said in an interview

"There was a simplicity to my life, which was very nice compared with today's world. We lived in a kind of modest house, shared with tenants. We would sleep on the living room floor. There was a drought when I was growing up, and we had anxiety. Even now, I can never sleep without a bottle of water beside my bed. Other houses had refrigerators, and then we finally got one. It was a big deal."

Despite the success and fame, SundarPichai enjoys, he remains humble. If there is one quote that fits well with this gem of a person, that is, "Dreams do come true if one chooses to believe in them."

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