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Porinju Veliyath Success Story

Porinju Veliyath Success Story

Porinju Veliyath


Porinju Veliyath is a well-known Indian investor and fund manager who specializes in value investing and small-cap stocks. He is the founder of Equity Intelligence India Private Limited, a fund management firm that has provided investors with impressive returns since 2002. In 1990, he began his career as a floor trader with Kotak Securities and later as a research analyst and fund manager with Parag Parikh Securities until 1999. He is also a director of the Ayurvedic company Arya Vaidya Pharmacy. He has a large social media following and has been dubbed a "small-cap czar" by The Economic Times.


Porinju Veliyath had a difficult childhood because he was born in 1962 in Chalakudy village, near Kochi, Kerala, to a lower-middle-class family. His father was a farmer, and his mother was a stay-at-home mom. His family faced a financial crisis when he was 16 years old and had to sell their home to pay off their debts. To support his family, he began working as an accountant and a phone operator at a young age. Later, he relocated to Mumbai and changed his name to Francis, the English translation of his name.


Porinju Veliyath studied law at the Government Law College in Ernakulam, Kerala. He became interested in the stock market and learned about investing skills and strategies from a variety of sources. He was inspired by renowned Indian investors such as Udah Kotak and Radhakrishan Damani. In 1990, he began his career as a floor trader for Kotak Securities before moving on to Parag Parikh Securities as a research analyst and fund manager.

Early career:

Porinju Veliyath began his career as a floor trader with Kotak Securities in Mumbai in 1990. His first exposure to the stock market taught him the fundamentals of trading and investing. He later worked as a research analyst and fund manager for Parag Parikh Securities until 1999. He learned how to buy and sell stocks using fundamental analysis and value investing principles.

Equity Intelligence:

Porinju Veliyath founded Equity Intelligence, a fund management firm specializing in value investing in Indian equities, in 2002. He manages his own portfolio as well as the portfolios of his firm's investors. He employs a bottom-up approach to identifying undervalued and under-researched companies with significant business potential and growth prospects. He also looks for companies that are going through a turnaround, restructuring, or improving their corporate governance. He invests in a variety of sectors and market capitalizations, but he prefers small-cap stocks because they offer higher returns with higher risks.

Achievements and Recognition:

Porinju Veliyath has produced outstanding results for his investors over the years. According to a stock market website, his portfolio was valued at Rs. 120 crores in April 2023, representing a more than 2000% increase in less than 8 years. His portfolio was only Rs 5.87 crores in December 2015. He has also chosen some multi-bagger stocks that have provided spectacular returns, such as Archies, Shalimar Paints, Jubilant Life Sciences, Emkay Global, and others.
Porinju Veliyath has also received praise and recognition from a number of media outlets and industry experts. He has appeared in Forbes India, Business Today, Economic Times, Financial Express, and other publications. He has also been invited to speak on investing and stock market trends at various events and forums. He has over 1 million Twitter followers and actively expresses his views and ideas on value investing and current events.


"The market is not a place to show your intelligence, but your common sense." ~ Porinju Veliyath

"Investing is not rocket science. It is about finding great businesses run by honest people at reasonable prices."~ Porinju Veliyath

"Don't be afraid of volatility. It is an opportunity to buy quality stocks at lower prices."~ Porinju Veliyath

"Don't chase momentum stocks blindly. Look for value and growth potential." ~ Porinju Veliyath

"Don't be greedy or fearful. Be rational and disciplined." ~ Porinju Veliyath

"Don't invest in companies you don't understand. Do your own research and analysis." ~ Porinju Veliyath


Porinju Veliyath is a wealthy investor who made a fortune in the Indian stock market. He has an uncanny ability to identify undervalued and emerging companies with strong fundamentals and growth prospects. He takes a straightforward and practical approach to investing, based on common sense, value, and honesty. He is unaffected by market volatility, media hype, or herd mentality. He is a role model for aspiring investors who want to benefit from his knowledge and experience.

"Don't follow the crowd. Be a contrarian and think independently." ~ Porinju Veliyath


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