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Oyo Success Story

Oyo Success Story



OYO, originally founded as OYO Rooms, has become a global hospitality giant, redefining the concept of affordable and standardized accommodation. Launched in India, OYO has embarked on an impressive journey, expanding its presence to multiple countries and transforming the hospitality industry along the way.

Early history:

Oyo was an old kingdom that began in the 1300s by the Yoruba people in West Africa. Oyo's first king was Ajaka, who was the son of Oduduwa, a great ancestor in Yoruba stories. His brother Oranmiyan later took over the throne. Oyo was in a place with open grasslands and no trees, which let it use horses for fighting and trading. Oyo became a big empire, ruling over many Yoruba states and other peoples. Oyo had a good system of government, led by the alaafin, or king, and it had a strong army. Oyo's culture and religion also changed a lot because of its contact with other places.
Oyo was at its best in the 1600s and 1700s, under the rule of famous alaafins like Obalokun, Ajagbo, Abiodun, and Awole. Oyo made its land and power bigger by winning wars and making friends. It controlled the trade roads from the sea to the land, and traded with Europeans, Arabs, and other Africans. Oyo also fought with the Dahomey kingdom, which paid money and gave slaves to Oyo. Many other West African kingdoms looked up to or were afraid of Oyo.
But Oyo started to go down in the late 1700s and early 1800s because of many problems inside and outside. Some of these problems were: some of its parts rebelled, such as Egba and Ilorin; people from the north attacked Oyo; other European countries competed with Oyo; and things changed within Oyo itself. Oyo finally broke down in the 1890s, after a series of wars with the Fulani and the British. The last alaafin of Oyo was Adeyemi I Alowolodu, who died in 1896. The parts of Oyo were taken over by other states, such as Ibadan and Abeokuta. However, Oyo left behind a long-lasting mark of culture, history, and identity for the Yoruba people.


  • Oyo Townhouse:

    Launched in 2017, Oyo Townhouse is a mid-market brand that offers comfortable and stylish accommodation at carefully selected locations. With over 100 properties in India, the UK, and the US, Oyo Townhouse aims to provide a seamless and personalized experience for guests. It features smart locks, digital check-in, and curated menus to enhance the stay.
  • Oyo Life:

    Introduced in 2018, Oyo Life is a long-stay rental service offering fully furnished and managed homes. Catering to young professionals and students, it has expanded to encompass more than 40,000 beds across India, Japan, and Indonesia. Oyo Life ensures affordable and convenient living with amenities such as Wi-Fi, housekeeping, maintenance, and security. Additionally, it fosters a sense of community among residents through events and activities.
  • Oyo Workspaces:

    Launched in 2019, Oyo Workspaces provides flexible and friendly co-working environments for startups, freelancers, and enterprises. Acquiring brands like Innov8, Powerstation, and Workflo, it operates over 20 centers across India and has plans for further expansion. Oyo Workspaces offers well-designed and equipped spaces, along with essential services like internet access, printing facilities, coffee, and meeting rooms.
  • Oyo Vacation Homes (formerly @Leisure Group):

    Acquired by Oyo in 2019, @Leisure Group has been rebranded as Oyo Vacation Homes. Operating across Europe, it manages a vast portfolio of over 30,000 properties in more than 40 countries. Under various brand names such as Belvilla, DanCenter, Danland, and Traum-Ferienwohnungen, Oyo Vacation Homes offers diverse accommodation options, including cottages, villas, apartments, and chalets.


  • OYO has established a global presence, operating in over 80 countries. With thousands of properties and millions of guestrooms worldwide, it stands as one of the largest and fastest-growing hotel chains on a global scale.
  • OYO's commitment to digital transformation is evident in its strategic use of technology and data analytics. This approach allows the company to optimize room pricing, enhance customer experiences, and improve operational efficiency, contributing significantly to its rapid expansion.
  • The youthful leadership of OYO's founder, Ritesh Agarwal, is a testament to the potential of young entrepreneurs to create a substantial impact in the business world. Remarkably, Agarwal initiated the company's journey when he was just 18 years old.
  • OYO boasts a diverse portfolio of accommodations, catering to a wide range of travelers. From budget-conscious individuals seeking affordability to luxury enthusiasts seeking premium experiences, OYO offers a diverse array of accommodation options tailored to various needs and preferences.
  • OYO is actively engaged in social initiatives, exemplified by Project Open Arms. This initiative provided free stays to healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, highlighting OYO's commitment to social responsibility and its role in supporting communities during challenging times.


OYO's mission is to "create quality living spaces everywhere, ensuring anyone can have a comfortable, convenient, and delightful experience while traveling or staying away from home." The company is dedicated to transforming the global hospitality industry by making quality accommodations accessible and affordable for travelers around the world.

Inspirational message:

OYO shows us that we can do amazing things if we make new things, work hard, and make our customers happy. OYO changed the way people stay in hotels, and you can also change the way things are done, accept change, and make things that help people.
Don't forget that every journey starts with one step, and every idea, no matter how easy, can make a big difference.

Your dream, along with hard work and a desire to do well, can lead to great things.


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