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Myntra Success Story

Myntra Success Story



Myntra, based in Bengaluru, India, is a well-known and creative e-commerce platform that has changed how people shop for fashion online. Myntra, which was founded in 2007, has quickly grown to become one of India's leading fashion and lifestyle destinations. Myntra caters to its customers' diverse tastes and preferences with its user-friendly interface and large selection of trendy clothing, footwear, accessories, and beauty products. Myntra provides not only a wide range of fashion options but also a host of services such as personalized recommendations, easy returns, and exclusive brand collaborations, making it a go-to destination for fashion enthusiasts across India and beyond.

Early History:

Myntra began its journey in 2007 as an online platform devoted to personalized gift items. However, it wasn't until 2011 that the company decided to focus solely on fashion, a decision that would prove game-changing. This strategic shift was motivated by the realization that the Indian e-commerce landscape was rapidly evolving, with consumers' appetite for fashionable clothing and accessories growing. Myntra adapted to this shift by transforming into a fashion-centric platform, offering a wide range of apparel, footwear, and accessories, and quickly established itself as a leading fashion destination in India.

Struggles and Challenges:

Myntra's path to success was not without difficulties. At first, the Indian e-commerce industry faced challenges such as logistical complexities, limited internet penetration, and customer distrust of online shopping. To address these issues, Myntra invested heavily in developing a strong supply chain, improving user experience, and introducing novel features such as virtual try-ons. To win over skeptics, they additionally introduced effortlessly return policies and cash-on-delivery options. Furthermore, rivals vying for market share were fierce in the e-commerce sector. However, Myntra's passion to customer-centricity, continuous innovation, and strategic collaborations eventually enabled the company to overcome these challenges, propelling it to prominence in India's online fashion retail landscape.


  • XS Brands Consultancy Private Limited:

  • XS Brands Consultancy Private Limited is a Myntra subsidiary that offers brand management and consulting services to a variety of fashion and lifestyle brands. Founded in 2011, XS Brands Consultancy Private Limited works with brands such as Roadster, HRX, All About You, Mast & Harbour, and Dressberry. These brands are assisted by XS Brands Consultancy Private Limited with product development, marketing, distribution, and customer engagement.
  • Xerion Retail Private Limited:

  • Myntra subsidiary Xerion Retail Private Limited operates online and offline retail stores for various fashion and lifestyle brands. Xerion Retail Private Limited, founded in 2012, manages the online and offline platforms of brands such as Mango, Esprit, Forever 21, and Chemistry. These brands' logistics, inventory, and customer service are also handled by Xerion Retail Private Limited.
  • Pretr Online Services Private Limited:

  • Myntra subsidiary Pretr Online Services Private Limited provides an omnichannel platform for fashion and lifestyle products. Pretr Online Services Private Limited was founded in 2016 by former Flipkart and Myntra executives Bhavik Jhaveri and Ankur Joshi. Pretr Online Services Private Limited allows customers to browse, buy, and return products from various brands' online and offline stores. Pretr Online Services Private Limited also offers virtual trial rooms, personal stylists, and home delivery services.
  • Witworks Consumer Technologies Private Limited:

  • Myntra's subsidiary Witworks Consumer Technologies Private Limited creates smart wearable devices and software solutions. Witworks Consumer Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2014 by IIT Kharagpur alumni Somnath Meher, Ankit DP, and Chandrashekhar Iyer. Witworks Consumer Technologies Private Limited debuted Blink Watch, a smartwatch powered by its own operating system called Marvin OS, in 2016. Witworks Consumer Technologies Private Limited also provides earphones, chargers, and accessories.
  • Grid Ant Technologies Private Limited:

  • Grid Ant Technologies Private Limited is a Myntra subsidiary that offers artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to the fashion industry. Grid Ant Technologies Private Limited was founded in 2017 by former Myntra executives Ambarish Kenghe and Shamik Sharma. Grid Ant Technologies Private Limited analyzes fashion trends, customer preferences, and product attributes using deep learning algorithms. Grid Ant Technologies Private Limited also provides assistance to brands in the areas of design optimization, pricing strategy, inventory management, and keeping customers.


We use technology to make fashion and lifestyle easy and fun for everyone. We help people look good.

Inspirational Message:

After witnessing Myntra's incredible journey, we're reminded that success often comes from being flexible, strong in the face of challenges, and fully dedicated to serving customers. Just like Myntra changed itself to meet the changing needs of its customers, we too can overcome difficulties and thrive by embracing change, coming up with new ideas, and staying true to our mission. Let Myntra's story encourage us to pursue our dreams with strong determination, knowing that with the right mindset and not giving up, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.

The road to success might have obstacles, but it also has chances waiting for us to take. Keep moving forward, because your journey might inspire others someday.


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