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Lazada Success Story

Lazada Success Story



Lazada, a prominent player in the e-commerce landscape, has emerged as a key catalyst for digital commerce in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2012, Lazada swiftly rose to prominence, redefining the way people shop and connect across a diverse region. This essay delves into the inspiring success story of Lazada, exploring its subsidiaries, essential facts, and its mission to transform the future of e-commerce.

Early history:

Lazada is a prominent e-commerce company that has been operating in Southeast Asia since its founding in 2012. The company was established by Maximilian Bittner, who aimed to introduce an Amazon-like business model to the region, catering to the growing demand for online shopping. Initially, Lazada was supported by Rocket Internet, a German company known for replicating successful online business models in various markets. The company began its journey as a platform selling products from its own warehouses directly to customers. However, it later adopted a more inclusive approach, allowing third-party sellers to join the platform. Lazada encountered several challenges in its early days, including low online shopping penetration, limited access to credit cards, and unreliable delivery services. To thrive in the region, Lazada had to adapt to the unique needs and preferences of each country where it operated. Despite these initial challenges, Lazada experienced rapid growth and emerged as the largest e-commerce player in Southeast Asia. By 2019, the platform boasted over 10,000 sellers and served a customer base of 50 million buyers. Throughout its journey, Lazada attracted significant investments from various entities, including Tesco, Temasek, Summit Partners, JPMorgan Chase, and Kinnevik AB. Notably, Alibaba Group became a major investor in Lazada and eventually acquired a controlling stake in 2016, supporting its international expansion plans and strengthening its position in the Southeast Asian e-commerce market.


  • Lazada Vietnam:

    Launched in 2012, Lazada Vietnam is the Vietnamese branch of Lazada. It offers a diverse range of products spanning categories such as electronics, fashion, home and living, health and beauty, and more. Lazada Vietnam provides convenient services including cash on delivery, free shipping, and hassle-free returns. It competes with other prominent e-commerce platforms in Vietnam, including Shopee, Tiki, and Sendo.
  • Lazada Singapore Pte. Ltd:

    Established in 2014, Lazada Singapore serves as the headquarters of Lazada Group, overseeing the operations of its branches in Southeast Asia. Lazada Singapore offers a wide selection of products from both local and international brands and sellers. It is known for exclusive deals and promotions, and it features LazMall, a virtual shopping mall that guarantees 100% authenticity, speedy delivery, and a 15-day return policy. In Singapore, Lazada competes with other e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Qoo10, and Amazon.


  • Lazada operates across multiple Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, establishing a significant presence in these diverse markets.
  • Lazada is a proud member of the Alibaba Group, a global e-commerce conglomerate. The support and investment from Alibaba have played a pivotal role in Lazada's growth and development.
  • Lazada's Singles' Day (11.11) shopping festival has emerged as a massive online retail event in Southeast Asia. It offers substantial discounts and exclusive deals, attracting millions of shoppers each year.
  • To ensure efficient order processing and timely deliveries, Lazada invests in state-of-the-art logistics and fulfillment centers, contributing to heightened customer satisfaction.
  • Lazada is committed to empowering local sellers and entrepreneurs by providing them with essential tools and resources. This support fosters economic growth within the region and encourages business expansion.


Lazada's mission is to "accelerate progress in Southeast Asia through commerce and technology." The company aims to empower businesses and consumers alike by providing a seamless and accessible e-commerce platform. Lazada envisions a future where digital commerce serves as a catalyst for positive change and economic prosperity in Southeast Asia.

Inspirational message:

Lazada shows us that we need to make new things, work hard, and change when needed to do well in the online shopping world. Lazada changed the way people buy things in Southeast Asia, and you can also change things and make things better. You can use the new things that technology and online platforms give you, and don't forget that every idea, no matter how easy, can make a big difference.

Your journey may be hard, but your dream and hard work can lead to great things that help not only you but also your people and the world.


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