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Larry Ellison Success Story

Larry Ellison Success Story, Biography, Journey

Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison, a well-known American entrepreneur and technology visionary, co-founded Oracle Corporation in 1977, propelling the company to global prominence in database technology and enterprise software solutions. Ellison's childhood was marked by a quest for education and a desire for accomplishment. As a college dropout, he tried his hand at different entrepreneurial ventures before establishing Oracle, which transformed the computer industry with its groundbreaking relational database management system. Oracle expanded to become one of the world's largest technology corporations under Ellison's leadership, offering mission-critical software to organizations all over the world. Aside from his economic accomplishments, Ellison is noted for his daring spirit, competitive personality, and philanthropic initiatives. His rise from humble beginnings to become a technology titan shows the transformative force of invention, determination, and strategic vision in transforming the modern technological landscape.


Larry Ellison grew up in a tough and unique environment. He was born in New York City on August 17, 1944, and was raised by his aunt and uncle in a working-class area of Chicago. Ellison demonstrated an autonomous and curious disposition from an early age, pursuing information via avid reading and investigating diverse interests. He did, however, suffer academically in school, feeling bored by traditional schooling. Despite these difficulties, Ellison's perseverance and determination shined through, and he acquired an interest in technology and computers. This early curiosity would eventually fuel his entrepreneurial zeal, leading him to co-found Oracle, a corporation that would revolutionize the technology industry's landscape. Larry Ellison's formative experiences with perseverance and self-discovery paved the way for his extraordinary journey as a visionary leader and technology pioneer.


He attended Chicago's South Shore High School before enrolling as a premed student at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. He was named scientific student of the year there, but after his second year, his adoptive mother died, and he dropped out. He eventually studied physics and mathematics for one semester at the University of Chicago, but he did not complete his degree.


He dropped out of college and moved to California, where he started his career as a computer programmer.
  • Software Development Laboratories

  • In 1977, Ellison formed Software Development Laboratories (SDL) with two former colleagues, Bob Miner and Ed Oates, to conduct contract programming for other organizations. Ellison desired that SDL do more. Ellison and his colleagues saw economic promise in the method, which organized enormous amounts of data in a way that allowed for efficient storage and speedy retrieval, after being inspired by a research article authored by British-born computer scientist Edgar F. Codd that detailed a relational database model. Ellison, Miner, and Oates began work on creating and marketing a program based on Codd's data-management theory. The Central Intelligence Agency awarded them a contract to create a database, and they began work on a commercial relational database program.
  • Oracle Corporation

  • SDL changed its name to Relational Software Inc. (RSI) in 1979 and released Oracle Database, the first commercially available relational database management system (RDBMS). The name Oracle was derived from the CIA project's code name. The device was a success, with clients including IBM, AT&T, and NASA. To better identify itself with its major product, RSI changed its name again in 1982 to Oracle Systems Corporation (later Oracle Corporation). Ellison has been the CEO of Oracle since the company's establishment.
  • Acquisitions and Expansion

  • Oracle grew fast in the 1980s and 1990s, becoming one of the world's largest software businesses. Its product offering was expanded to encompass applications, middleware, cloud computing, hardware, and services. It has bought out several other software companies, including PeopleSoft, Siebel Systems, Hyperion Solutions, BEA Systems, Sun Microsystems, and NetSuite. In 2021, Oracle paid $28.3 billion for Cerner, an electronic health records business.
  • Honors and Awards

  • Ellison garnered numerous medals and honors for his entrepreneurial and social efforts. Ernst & Young named him Entrepreneur of the Year in 1990, President Bill Clinton gave him the National Entrepreneurship Award in 1995, the Boy Scouts of America gave him the Silver Buffalo Award in 2007, the American Academy of Achievement gave him the Golden Plate Award in 2013, and Edison Universe gave him the Edison Achievement Award in 2014. In 2014, he was admitted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, and in 2018, he got an honorary doctorate from Yale University.


“When you live your life in different ways, it makes people around you become uncomfortable. So deal with it. They don’t know what you are going to do.” ~ Larry Ellison

“If you do everything that everyone else does in business, you’re going to lose. The only way to really be ahead is to ‘be different.” ~ Larry Ellison

“See things in the present, even if they are in the future.”~ Larry Ellison

“I am so disturbed by kids who spend all day playing video games.” ~ Larry Ellison

“Think of it as you want it, not as it is!” ~ Larry Ellison

“Because software is all about scale. The larger you are, the more profitable you are. If we sell twice as much as software, it doesn’t cost us twice as much to build that software. So the more customers you have, the more scale you have. The larger you are, the more profitable you are.” ~ Larry Ellison

“When you are the first person whose beliefs are different from what everyone else believes, you are basically saying, ‘I’m right and everyone else is wrong.’ That’s a very unpleasant position to be in. It’s at once exhilaration and the same time an invitation to be attacked.” ~ Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison is one of today's most powerful and successful corporate leaders and innovators. He co-founded and guided Oracle Corporation to become a global software and technology leader. He also made investments in real estate, yachting, aviation, sports, art, and philanthropy. With an estimated fortune of $135 billion, he is now the world's fourth wealthiest person.

“When I do something, it is all about self-discovery. I want to learn and discover my own limits.” ~ Larry Ellison


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