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The E Myth Book

the e myth book

Who should read this book? Let's find out through a story:

Sam was a talented web developer who loved to create beautiful and functional websites for his clients. He had been working as a freelancer for several years, and he enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of his work. He was proud of his skills and his portfolio, and he had a steady stream of referrals and repeat customers.

But Sam was also exhausted. He felt like he was always working, but never making enough money. He had to deal with the administrative tasks of running his own business, such as invoicing, accounting, marketing, and customer service. He had no time to learn new technologies or improve his craft. He had no balance in his life, and he often felt stressed and overwhelmed.

One day, he received an email from one of his clients, Lisa. She was the owner of a successful online store that sold organic beauty products. Sam had designed and developed her website a few months ago, and she was very happy with his work. She wanted to hire him again to create a new landing page for a special promotion she was running.

Sam was glad to hear from Lisa, but he also felt a twinge of anxiety. He knew that he had too many projects on his plate, and he was struggling to meet the deadlines and expectations of his clients. He wondered how he could squeeze in another project, and how much he should charge for it. He decided to reply to Lisa and ask for more details.

Lisa replied quickly and enthusiastically. She told Sam that she had a great idea for a new product line that she wanted to launch in two weeks. She had already created the copy and the images for the landing page, and she just needed Sam to put it all together and make it look amazing. She said that she trusted Sam’s expertise and creativity, and that she was willing to pay him a premium for his work.

Sam felt a surge of excitement and gratitude. He liked working with Lisa, and he was impressed by her vision and her success. He thought that this could be a great opportunity for him to showcase his skills and earn some extra cash. He agreed to take on the project, and he thanked Lisa for her trust and her offer.

Lisa thanked Sam and sent him the files and the instructions for the landing page. She also asked him to sign a contract that she had prepared for him. She said that it was a standard agreement that she used with all her contractors, and that it would protect both of them in case of any issues or disputes.

Sam opened the contract and skimmed through it. He saw that it was a long and detailed document that covered various aspects of the project, such as the scope, the timeline, the deliverables, the payment, the ownership, the confidentiality, the warranty, and the liability. He also saw that it had a clause that stated that Lisa had the right to terminate the contract at any time, for any reason, without any penalty or compensation.

Sam felt a pang of doubt and fear. He wondered if he was making a mistake by accepting this project. He wondered if he was giving up too much control and security by signing this contract. He wondered if he was exposing himself to too much risk and uncertainty by working with Lisa. He wondered if he was really cut out for running his own business.

He decided to call his friend and mentor, Mike. Mike was a successful entrepreneur who had started and sold several businesses in different industries. He had been Sam’s coach and advisor for a long time, and he had helped him with many aspects of his business. Sam trusted Mike’s opinion and experience, and he hoped that he could give him some guidance and reassurance.

Sam called Mike and explained the situation to him. He told him about Lisa’s project, her contract, and his doubts and fears. He asked Mike what he should do, and if he should sign the contract or not.

Mike listened to Sam carefully and patiently. He asked him a few questions to clarify some details and to understand his perspective. He then told him that he had some good news and some bad news for him.

The good news, Mike said, was that Lisa’s project was a great opportunity for Sam to grow his business and his income. He said that Lisa was a valuable client who had a lot of potential and influence in her market. He said that Sam had done a great job for her before, and that he could do it again. He said that Sam had the skills and the talent to create a stunning landing page that would generate a lot of sales and conversions for Lisa. He said that Sam deserved to be paid well for his work, and that he should not hesitate to charge a premium for it.

The bad news, Mike said, was that Sam was not running his business like a business. He said that Sam was working in his business, not on his business. He said that Sam was acting like a technician, not like an entrepreneur. He said that Sam was making a fatal assumption that because he knew how to do the technical work of a web developer, he knew how to run a web development business. He said that Sam was missing the bigger picture and the deeper meaning of his work.

Mike then told Sam that he had a book recommendation for him. He said that it was a book that had changed his life and his business, and that he thought it would do the same for Sam. He said that it was a book that explained the myth of the entrepreneur, and how to overcome it. He said that it was a book that showed how to create a business that works, not a business that depends on you. He said that it was a book that taught how to turn a great idea into a thriving business.

The book, Mike said, was called The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.

Mike told Sam that he had a copy of the book in his office, and that he wanted to give it to him as a gift. He said that he wanted Sam to read it as soon as possible, and that he would follow up with him after he finished it. He said that he was sure that Sam would find the book enlightening and empowering, and that it would help him to make better decisions and to achieve more success and satisfaction in his business.

Sam thanked Mike for his advice and his gift. He said that he appreciated his friendship and his support. He said that he was curious and excited to read the book, and that he would call him back after he did. He said that he trusted Mike’s judgment and that he valued his wisdom.

Sam hung up the phone and looked at Lisa’s contract. He decided to sign it and to accept the project. He decided to give it his best shot and to deliver a high-quality landing page for Lisa. He decided to charge a fair and profitable price for his work. He decided to treat Lisa as a partner and a collaborator, not as a boss or a competitor.

But he also decided to do something else. He decided to read The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. He decided to learn how to run his business like a business. He decided to work on his business, not in his business. He decided to act like an entrepreneur, not like a technician. He decided to create a business that works, not a business that depends on him.

He decided to change his life and his business for the better.

I hope you enjoyed my story and that it made you interested in reading The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. If you want to learn more about the book and how it can help you to transform your business, please click the button below to get your own copy. You won’t regret it. Trust me, I’m an entrepreneur.


Remember, investing in knowledge can be the most rewarding investment you make. Don't miss the opportunity to change your life for the better.

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