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Lakshmi Mittal Success Story

Lakshmi Mittal Success Story

Lakshmi Mittal


Lakshmi Mittal is one of the world's most powerful and successful businessmen. He is the executive chairman of ArcelorMittal, the world's second largest steelmaker, as well as the chairman of Aperam, a stainless steel producer. He is also a Goldman Sachs board member, a co-owner of Queens Park Rangers F.C., and a philanthropist who supports a variety of causes. He is well-known in the global steel industry for his vision, strategy, and leadership. Forbes, Time, and other publications have named him one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people. He currently resides in London with his wife and four children.


Lakshmi Mittal had a humble and difficult childhood because he was born in Sadulpur, Rajasthan, India, where there was no electricity until the 1960s. He shared a small house with 25 other family members and slept on mats and the floor. His family relocated to Calcutta (now Kolkata), where his father ran a small steel mill. He worked at the mill while attending St. Xavier's College and studying science. He earned a B.Com degree in 1970 and then worked as a trainee at the mill. His father taught him the fundamentals of the steel industry, and he developed a strong interest in it. He also faced many difficulties and obstacles, such as the Indian government's suspension of steel production in 1976, which forced him to seek opportunities abroad. He established his first steel factory in Indonesia before expanding his operations to other countries. He rose to become one of the world's most successful and influential businessmen, and the founder of ArcelorMittal, the world's second largest steelmaker.


Considering his physical limitations, Lakshmi Mittal has an impressive educational background. He finished his secondary education at Runcorn State High School in Queensland, Australia, where he was elected captain and student council member. He then earned his bachelor's degree in commerce from Griffith University in Queensland, where he double majored in accounting and financial planning. He was one of the first physically disabled students to be integrated into a regular school, and he excelled in both academics and extracurricular activities. When he was 17, he began giving motivational talks at his church group and other events. He attended St. Xavier's College in Kolkata while working at his father's steel mill. He started as a trainee at the mill in 1970 and opened a steel mill in Indonesia in 1976. His father taught him the fundamentals of the steel industry, and he developed a strong interest in it.

Global Expansion:

Mittal used a similar formula for success in a series of acquisitions all over the world, purchasing failing (mostly state-run) businesses and deploying special management teams to reorganize them. Mittal's business philosophy emphasized consolidation in a weak and fragmented industry. Despite continued high demand for steel, smaller steel companies have been unable to reach competitive agreements with their major clients, particularly automakers and appliance manufacturers. Mittal's company, on the other hand, controlled roughly 40% of the American market for flat-rolled steel used in automobile manufacturing, allowing the giant steelmaker to negotiate better prices. Mittal merged his companies, Ispat International and LNM Holdings, and acquired International Steel Group of Ohio in 2004. Mittal Steel Co. NV, the newly formed company, emerged from the transaction as the world's largest steelmaker.


Mittal oversaw another merger two years later, when Mittal Steel merged with Arcelor to form ArcelorMittal. Arcelor's board of directors and some European governments initially opposed the deal, fearing job losses and reduced competition. However, Mittal was able to secure the approval of Arcelor's shareholders and board for a friendly merger after a protracted takeover battle. With operations in 60 countries and an annual production capacity of more than 100 million tons of steel, the combined company became the undisputed leader in the global steel industry. Mittal was the joint company's CEO until 2021, when he stepped down. He remained, however, executive chairman.


"Hard work certainly goes a long way. These days a lot of people work hard, so you have to make sure you work even harder and really dedicate yourself to what you are doing and setting out to achieve." ~ Lakshmi Mittal

"Always think outside the box and embrace opportunities that appear, wherever they might be." ~ Lakshmi Mittal

"The torch relay is an excellent embodiment of all that the Olympic Games have come to symbolise - a celebration of the human spirit. Personally to me, it represents striving to be the best in whatever we do, never giving up despite the odds, and a commitment to health and fitness." ~ Lakshmi Mittal

"This is a learning in the business life that first of all you need to have commitment, dedication and passion for what you are doing." ~ Lakshmi Mittal

"When I think about parallels between myself and an Olympian, I believe that success in the world of business is underpinned by very similar principles of perseverance and hard work." ~ Lakshmi Mittal

"It's not always you get to hit the iron when it is hot. I believe in hitting it so hard, that it gets hot." ~ Lakshmi Mittal

"We are not in the business of iron ore. Whatever captive iron ore sources we have, we use it to make steel." ~ Lakshmi Mittal

"Everyone experiences tough times, it is a measure of your determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you can come through them." ~ Lakshmi Mittal


Lakshmi Mittal is an incredible person who has overcome humble beginnings to achieve great success in both his career and personal life. He serves as an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. He is a visionary leader, astute businessman, generous philanthropist, and proud Indian who has contributed to the growth of his country and the global economy. He is living proof that nothing is impossible with perseverance, determination, and creativity.

"When people can see which direction the leaders are going in it becomes easier to motivate them." ~ Lakshmi Mittal


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