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Lajjat Papad Success Story

Lajjat Papad Success Story

Lajjat Papad


Lajjat Papad is a well-known Indian snack and papad (thin, crispy flatbread) manufacturer known for its superior quality and flavors. Lajjat Papad, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. This innovative brand has carved a market niche by offering a diverse range of papad varieties, including traditional, spicy, and exotic flavors, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Lajjat Papad takes pride in delivering not only delicious and crispy papads but also a taste of traditional Indian culinary heritage to homes around the world, making it a popular snack option among snack fans.

Founder of Lijjat Papad:

Lijjat Papad was founded in 1959 in Mumbai, India, by a group of seven women who were looking for ways to support themselves and their families. They started making papads in a small room using borrowed utensils and ingredients, and soon developed a reputation for making high-quality papads using traditional methods and natural ingredients.

Getting Through the First Difficulties:

The early years were not without their difficulties. Lajjat Papad faced the typical start-up challenges, such as limited access to distribution networks and fierce competition in the snack market. Despite these setbacks, the brand persisted, driven by a steadfast commitment to quality and a firm belief in the potential of its product.

Innovation as a Motivator:

During this time, Lajjat Papad was truly distinguished by its creativity. They infused traditional papad recipes with modern flavors and presentation, capturing the attention of discerning consumers. This strategic approach, combined with a focus on unity and excellence, helped them gradually carve out a distinct identity in the industry.

Making Resilience and Success:

Lajjat Papad's early history shows the founder's determination and the brand's resolve. With each obstacle overcome, they moved closer to their goal of producing exceptional papads that would not only satisfy the taste buds but also invoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia. This period of adversity laid the groundwork for the brand's incredible success story, demonstrating that perseverance and innovation can turn obstacles into stepping stones to greatness.


  • Khakhra:

  • Thin, crispy flatbread snacks made from wheat flour and tasty seasonings. Lijjat has them in flavors like methi, masala, jeera, and ajwain.
  • Appalam:

  • South Indian-style papad made from rice and black gram flour. Lijjat offers different sizes and flavors, including plain, pepper, garlic, and red chili.
  • Masala:

  • Mixes of spices and herbs that make your dishes taste great. Lijjat has various types like sambhar masala, garam masala, pav bhaji masala, and chhole masala.
  • Vadi:

  • Sun-dried lentil dumplings that add flavor and texture to curries and rice dishes. Lijjat offers different types such as moong vadi, urad vadi, and palak vadi.
  • Gehu Atta (Wheat flour):

  • Finely ground wheat used to make chapatis, rotis, parathas, and other bread. Lijjat has various types like chakki fresh atta, multigrain atta, and missi atta.
  • Bakery products:

  • Baked treats made with flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and more. Lijjat offers different kinds like biscuits, cakes, cookies, rusk, and toast.

Inspirational Message:

Lajjat Papad's story shows us how greatness often starts with one idea, passion, and dedication. The story of Lajjat Papad is an inspiration for all of us.

It shows us that even when we face problems and difficulties, we can keep trying and make things better. The journey of Lajjat Papad tells us that success is not only about where we start but how much we want to reach our goal.

So, let this story make us want to follow our dreams, to make our work creative and real, and to always remember that even the most simple of products can become great with the right vision and commitment. Lajjat Papad teaches us that greatness can be done by anyone who is ready to face challenges and chase their dreams with passion.


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