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Joe Magsaysay Success Story

Joe Magsaysay Success Story

Joe Magsaysay


Joey Magsaysay, also referred to as Joe Magsaysay, is a well-known businessman and a successful food industry entrepreneur. Joe Magsaysay has significantly changed how people taste and appreciate food thanks to his passion for culinary excellence and his strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit. As the creator of a successful food franchise, he has not only created a successful company empire but also served as an inspiration to aspiring business owners with his creative thinking and persistent pursuit of greatness. Joe Magsaysay has transformed via his entrepreneurial journey into a symbol of achievement, determination, and the ability to make dreams come true.


Joe Magsaysay grew up with modest beginnings and a solid work ethic. He was raised in a humble household and from an early age realized the importance of perseverance and hard work. Growing up, he had to deal with many difficulties and financial limitations, but these situations only strengthened his resolve to succeed. Despite his struggles, Joe Magsaysay found a love for cooking and cuisine, frequently assisting his family in their small food company. His entrepreneurial drive was ignited and the groundwork for his future success was built by his early interactions with the culinary world. Joe Magsaysay set off on an extraordinary journey that would influence his future in the food sector with little money but plenty of ambition.


He earned his Master of Entrepreneurship degree from the Asian Institute of Management in 2001 and completed the Owner/President Management Program at the Harvard Business School in 2016.


Joe Magsaysay's career journey began when he was hired as a janitor at Wendy's in 1983, while he was still a part-time working student. Jose T. Pardo, the president of Wendy's Philippines and a former finance secretary, was one of his mentors. He worked hard and absorbed their knowledge. Within a decade, he promoted through the ranks, going from management trainee to its board of directors.
He credits his success to Pardo, who encouraged him to pursue his flavored fries food concept even as he was working at Wendy's. He also learned from his experience at Mister Donut, where he served as General Manager from 1999 to 2001, growing its stores from 250 to 800
Together with his brother-in-law Ricky Montelibano, two friends, Danny Bermejo and George Wieneke, he started Potato Corner in 1992. In order to launch their first food cart at SM Megamall, they each put down P50,000. They served many types of french fries, including cheese, barbecue, sour cream, and chili barbecue.
Their concept was a hit among customers, especially young people. They soon expanded their business by opening more carts and kiosks in malls, schools, and other locations. They also franchised their brand to other entrepreneurs who wanted to join their success story. By 1994, they had 70 stores; by 1997, they had 120; and by 2020, they had 1,100 in the Philippines and 200 overseas.
They also expanded the range of products they offered and launched new brands, including Taters popcorn, Waffle Time waffles, Thirsty fruit drinks, and Nacho Bimby nachos. They also entered foreign markets, including those in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kuwait, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.


Joe Magsaysay faced many challenges throughout his career as an entrepreneur. Some of them were:


He had to compete with other food businesses that offered similar or cheaper products. He had to constantly innovate and improve his products and services to meet the changing needs and preferences of his customers. He had to offer quality products at affordable prices and provide excellent customer service.


He had to handle a number of crises that had an impact on his company, including natural disasters, political unrest, economic downturns, and technology disturbances. He had to come up with strategies for absorbing the setbacks and repairing the harm. He had to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic's new normal.


He had to plan for the future of his business and ensure its continuity after his retirement. He had to train and mentor his children and grandchildren to take over the leadership and management of the company.


For his business skills and leadership abilities, he won a number of awards. Among them are the AIM Triple A Distinguished Alumni accomplishment award in 2019, the MVP Bossing Award from 2011, the Entrepreneur Award of the Year from 2016, and the Franchise Excellence Hall of Fame from 2003.


He grew his business from a small food cart to the largest flavored fries franchise in the Philippines. He diversified his product offerings and expanded his market reach. He also established subsidiaries and international branches.


He created jobs and opportunities for thousands of people who joined his company or franchised his brand. He also contributed to the development of the Philippine food industry and promoted Filipino culture to the world.


"My advice to everybody is to work 100% on whatever they are doing. A lot of people say you have to multitask, and that’s okay, but there’s nothing better than putting 100% of your mind into whatever you’re doing. It’s like driving – when you’re driving, all your focus is on the road. The moment you pick up your phone, half your focus is on driving and half is on your phone." ~ Joe Magsaysay

"Our DNA is about making sure that we're focused on business." ~ Joe Magsaysay


Joe Magsaysay left a lasting legacy as an entrepreneur who turned his dream into reality. He inspired many people with his story of hard work, perseverance, and vision. He also shared his knowledge and experience with others, especially young entrepreneurs. He is a role model and a leader who shows us that nothing is impossible with passion, innovation, and boldness. His legacy is not only a gift of money or property, but also something that is a part of our history and culture. His legacy is the result of his past actions and decisions that have shaped the present and the future.

"Success is not defined by the wealth we accumulate, but by the impact we leave behind and the lives we inspire along the way."


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