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Estée Lauder Success Story

Estée Lauder Success Story

Estée Lauder


Estée Lauder, founded in 1946 by Estée Lauder herself, is a global leader in the beauty and skincare industries. Estée Lauder has an excellent track record for providing premium beauty products and services, with its headquarters in New York City, USA. The company provides a wide range of cosmetics, skincare, fragrances, and hair care products to meet a variety of needs and preferences. Estée Lauder's impact of excellence is built on innovation, quality, and a passion for helping people look and feel their best, making it a beauty industry cornerstone.

Founder of Estée Lauder:

Estée Lauder, born Josephine Esther Mentzer, was a visionary entrepreneur who established the famous beauty brand that bears her name. Estée Lauder, a true pioneer in the beauty industry, began her business by handcrafting skincare products in her kitchen, motivated by a deep belief in the transformative power of cosmetics. She revolutionized the beauty industry by introducing her products to high-end department stores with a relentless commitment to creativity and exceptional customer service. Estée Lauder's legacy as a visionary founder lives on today, with her brand exemplifying her passion for helping people improve their natural beauty and radiate confidence.

From Kitchen Creations to Beauty Empire:

Estée Lauder's journey began in the early twentieth century when she and her uncle began making homemade skincare products in their kitchen. They believed in the power of high-quality ingredients and tailored beauty treatments. Estée Lauder officially established her company in 1946 with a small line of skincare products, quickly gaining recognition for her dedication to quality and creativity.

Breaking into a Competitive World:

Estée Lauder faced significant challenges in the male-dominated beauty industry. Many questioned her products' effectiveness, but she was unmoved. She relied on word-of-mouth marketing and provided free demonstrations and samples, which resulted in loyal customers. Another challenge was getting into high-end department stores, but her determination paid off as she secured counter space and introduced her products to a wider audience. Despite these early setbacks, Estée Lauder's brand grew steadily, laying the groundwork for its remarkable success in the beauty industry.


  • Clinique:

  • A fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested cosmetic brand that offers skincare, makeup, and fragrances for men and women. Clinique was the first cosmetics line created by a dermatologist, and it appeared in 1968.
  • Bobbi Brown Cosmetics:

  • An important beauty brand that offers makeup, skincare, and fragrances to enhance women's natural beauty. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was founded in 1991 by Bobbi Brown, a professional makeup artist who revolutionized the industry with her simple and flattering approach to makeup.
  • La Mer:

  • A high-end skincare line that features products infused with the legendary Miracle Broth™, a powerful elixir derived from sea kelp that has extraordinary healing and regenerating properties. Dr. Max Huber, an aerospace physicist, founded La Mer in 1965 after suffering severe burns in a laboratory accident and seeking to create a formula that would restore his skin.
  • MAC Cosmetics:

  • A professional makeup line that values diversity, uniqueness, and creativity. MAC Cosmetics was founded in 1984 by Frank Toskan, a makeup artist and photographer, and Frank Angelo, a salon owner, who wanted to create products that could withstand the demands of photo shoots and fashion shows. MAC Cosmetics is also known for its charitable efforts, such as the MAC AIDS Fund and the VIVA GLAM campaign.
  • Tom Ford Beauty:

  • A high-end fashion and beauty brand that offers makeup, skincare, fragrances, and accessories that reflect designer Tom Ford's glamorous and elegant sense of style. Tom Ford Beauty debuted in 2006 as a sister brand to Tom Ford's eponymous fashion label, which he founded in 2005 after leaving Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.
  • Aerin:

  • Aerin Lauder's lifestyle brand offers beauty, fashion, home, and accessories that reflect her founder's effortless elegance and modern sensibility. Aerin Lauder is Estee Lauder's granddaughter and the style and image director of Estee Lauder Companies. Aerin debuted her own line of fragrances in 2012, followed by cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, and home decor.
  • Aramis:

  • Colognes, aftershaves, deodorants, body washes, and shaving products are available from this classic fragrance and grooming brand for men. Aramis was the first prestige men's fragrance to be sold in department stores, debuting in 1964. The character Aramis is named after Alexandre Dumas' novel The Three Musketeers.
  • Aveda:

  • A natural beauty brand that offers Ayurvedic-inspired haircare, skincare, makeup, body care, and scent therapy products. Horst Rechelbacher, an environmentalist and entrepreneur, founded Aveda in 1978 with the goal of creating products that were not only effective but also environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Aveda is also dedicated to assisting communities of Native Americans and safeguarding biodiversity.


Estée Lauder's mission is to make people feel and look beautiful by providing high-quality skincare, makeup, and fragrance products. They aim to bring happiness and confidence to their customers through innovation and excellence in the beauty industry.

Inspirational Message:

Estée Lauder's story shows us that when you really love what you do and keep trying, you can achieve amazing things.

Even when things get tough, remember that if you work hard and do your best, you can make great things happen.

Just like Estée Lauder, you have the ability to create something wonderful. So, follow your dreams, work with all your heart, and let your passion shine through. Your story, like Estée Lauder's, can inspire others to chase their dreams and make the world a better place.


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