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Diosdado Banatao Success Story

Diosdado Banatao Success Story

Diosdado Banatao


Entrepreneur and engineer Diosdado "Dado" Banatao is a Filipino-American who has had a major impact on the technology sector. Born in the Philippines, Banatao's story is a monument to the strength of determination, creativity, and resolve. He has achieved personal success and been an example for aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs around the world thanks to his ground-breaking inventions and entrepreneurial zeal. With his outstanding accomplishments and unwavering dedication to advancing technology, Banatao has made an enduring impression on the field and is still having a significant impact today.


Childhood for Diosdado Banatao was characterized by humble beginnings and an intense curiosity in technology. He was exposed to the difficulties of poverty and limited access to resources while growing up in the Philippines. These difficulties did not, however, stop him from being passionate about learning and creativity. Banatao showed aptitude for math and engineering at a young age, frequently fiddling with gadgets and trying to figure out how they worked. He was driven by his curiosity and determination to succeed mentally, which led to him receiving a scholarship to study overseas. During his early years, Banatao developed mental toughness and a thirst for knowledge that would influence his subsequent achievements in the world of technology.


He was born in a poor family in Iguig, Cagayan Valley, where he walked barefoot to attend Malabbac Elementary School. He excelled in his studies and received a scholarship to study at the Jesuit-run Ateneo de Tuguegarao for high school. At the Mapua Institute of Technology in Manila, he then pursued his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, from which he received high honors. He immigrated here to work for Boeing as a design engineer, and in 1972 he graduated from Stanford University with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Early career:

Diosdado Banatao started his career as a design engineer for Boeing, where he worked on the control panel of the 747 model. At Stanford University, where he later completed his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he joined the Homebrew Computer Club and got to know Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. He got expertise working for many technology firms, including National Semiconductor, Intersil, and Commodore International, where he created the first calculator with a single chip and a 16-bit CPU. While employed by Seeq Technology, he also created the first 10-Mbit Ethernet CMOS with silicon coupler data-link control and transceiver chip.

Business venture:

Diosdado Banatao started his business career in 1984 by helping to launch Mostron, a high-tech firm that specialized in motherboards for personal computers. Despite the fierce opposition Mostron faced from industry behemoths like IBM, Banatao was motivated to turn his attention to the creation of semiconductor chips as a result of this loss.
He co-founded Chips and Technologies, a trailblazing business that transformed the computer sector, in 1985. The first system logic chip sets for IBM-compatible PCs were developed by Banatao, who was also responsible for ground-breaking innovations including the local bus idea and the first Windows Graphics accelerator chip. Because of Chips and Technologies' success, Intel became interested in them and bought them in 1997 for an astounding $430 million. The innovative ideas and vision of Banatao continue to influence the development of technology.
Banatao's third start-up was S3 Graphics, which he co-founded in 1989 with Wen Chi Chen. S3 Graphics specialized in graphics chips and became one of the top players in the market. Banatao invented the first multimedia accelerator chip for PCs, which enabled video playback and 3D graphics rendering. S3 Graphics was acquired by HTC for $300 million in 2011.

Venture capital:

Banatao created Tallwood Venture Capital in 2000 after deciding to become a venture capitalist following the success of his three start-ups. A Silicon Valley-based company called Tallwood Venture Capital makes investments in businesses that produce semiconductor technologies. The company, whose investors include Ikanos Communications, Inphi Corporation, T-RAM Semiconductor, Alphion Corporation, Sirf Technology, Quintic Corporation, Wilocity Ltd., and Integrated Micro-Electronics, was founded by Banatao and he serves as its managing partner.


Banatao is also a philanthropist who supports education and entrepreneurship in the Philippines and among Filipino-Americans. He is the founder of the Philippine Development Foundation, which aims to eradicate poverty in the Philippines through innovation and technology. Additionally, he established the Dado Banatao Educational Foundation, which awards scholarships to young engineers from underprivileged Filipino households. Additionally, he founded the Banatao Family Filipino American Education Fund, which encourages high school students in the USA of Filipino origin to major in STEM fields. For his contributions to technology and society, Philanthropy Banatao has won numerous honors and awards, including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, the Ernst & Young Master Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and the Kalampusan Award for Corporate Achievement from Search to Involve Pilipino Americans. He was also chosen by the Philippine government to serve as its first Special Envoy for Science and Technology.


"I have a passion for technology and a vision for the future. I want to make a difference in the world by creating products and services that benefit society." ~ Diosdado Banatao

"I believe that innovation is the key to economic growth and prosperity. Innovation creates new industries, new jobs, and new opportunities for people to improve their lives." ~ Diosdado Banatao

"Success in business, technology or other fields depend more on hard work rather than on brains alone. In terms of absolute brilliance, I’m way below the curve. In fact here at Silicon Valley, I envy all the smart people. I really believe it is the effort and hard work that matter more than pure brilliance." ~ Diosdado Banatao


Diosdado Banatao is a remarkable Filipino entrepreneur and engineer who has transformed the computer industry with his inventions and innovations. He is also a visionary leader who has inspired many others to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the world. He is a role model for Filipinos and a testament to what determination and hard work can achieve.

"Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world." - Roy T. Bennett

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