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Dilip Shanghvi Success Story

Dilip Shanghvi Success Story

Dilip Shanghvi


Dilip Shanghvi is an Indian businessman and one of the wealthiest people in the country. He is the founder and CEO of Sun Pharmaceuticals, a global leader in the manufacture of generic drugs. He founded his company in 1983 with a $10,000 investment and grew it into a multinational corporation with operations in over 150 countries and annual revenues in excess of $5 billion. He is also a philanthropist who contributes to a variety of causes, including education, health care, and innovation. He has received numerous awards and honors for his achievements, including the Padma Shri, India's highest civilian honor, in 2016.


Dilip Shanghvi grew up in the small town of Amreli in Gujarat, India, in a humble and challenging environment. He came from a Jain family that ran a wholesale drug distribution company in Kolkata. He lived in the Burrabazar neighborhood of Kolkata with his parents and sister, where he attended J.J. Ajmera High School. He was interested in science and business, and he took part in a number of projects and competitions. He also assisted his father's business and learned the fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry.
He named his company Shantilal after his father. Shanghvi's upbringing instilled in him the values of hard work, education, and innovation. He also learned about social responsibility and entrepreneurship. He overcame numerous challenges and obstacles to become one of India's and the world's most successful and influential businessmen. He serves as a role model and inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the world.


In 1982, he earned a bachelor's degree in commerce from Bhawanipur Education Society College. He then founded Sun Pharmaceuticals with a small investment of 10,000 rupees. He named his company Shantilal after his father.
Shanghvi's education instilled in him the values of perseverance, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He also developed a sense of social and civic responsibility. He overcame numerous challenges and obstacles to become one of India's and the world's most successful and influential businessmen. He serves as a role model and inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the world.

Early Career:

Dilip Shanghvi began his career in the wholesale generic drugs business with his father in Kolkata. His entrepreneurial spirit and determination drove him to create his own drugs rather than sell others'. Dilip founded Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited at the age of 27 in 1982. He named his company Shantilal after his father. The unit, which was located in Vapi, Gujarat, a short drive from Mumbai, produced exactly one psychiatric drug. However, thanks to Shanghvi's acumen and energy, the business quickly picked up, and by 1997, Sun Pharma had acquired Caraco Pharma, an American company.

Global Expansion:

In a series of acquisitions around the world, Dilip Shanghvi used a similar formula for success, purchasing failing or undervalued companies and brands and turning them into profitable ventures. In a highly competitive and regulated industry, Shanghvi's business philosophy emphasized quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. He also made significant investments in research and development, developing new products and expanding into new therapeutic areas. Sun Pharma acquired Israel's Taro Pharma in 2007, gaining access to the US dermatology market. Sun Pharma completed its largest acquisition to date in 2014, when it paid $4 billion for Ranbaxy Laboratories from Japan's Daiichi Sankyo. Sun Pharma became the world's fifth largest generic drugmaker and India's largest pharmaceutical company as a result of the transaction.

Philanthropic Career:

Dilip Shanghvi has been a generous philanthropist, donating millions of dollars to a variety of causes and organizations. He has backed causes like education, health care, innovation, and social welfare. He has also founded or co-founded a number of initiatives aimed at improving people's quality of life and well-being in India and around the world. Shantilal Shanghvi Foundation, which focuses on education, health care, rural development, and women empowerment; Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company (SPARC), which conducts cutting-edge research on novel drugs and delivery systems; Aditya Jyot Foundation for Twinkling Little Eyes, which provides free eye care to underprivileged children; Swasthya Diabetes Care, which provides comprehensive diabetes management services. The Dilip Shanghvi Innovation Award recognizes and rewards young scientists for their innovative research. Dilip Shanghvi School of Pharmacy, which provides pharmacy students with high-quality education and training; Dilip Shanghvi Family Foundation, which supports a variety of charitable endeavors; Dilip Shanghvi Fellowship Program, which offers financial aid to deserving students pursuing higher education; Dilip Shanghvi Library, which houses a diverse collection of books; Dilip Shanghvi Auditorium, which hosts a variety of cultural and educational events; Dilip Shanghvi Scholarship Scheme, which provides needy students with scholarships; Dilip Shanghvi Chair Professorship, which funds distinguished faculty positions at prestigious institutions; and Dilip Shanghvi Endowment Fund, which supports various projects and programs at IIT Bombay.


"I like to win without fighting. But if I can't, then I'm prepared to fight." ~ Dilip Shanghvi

"If a company is not doing well, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is not a good company." ~ Dilip Shanghvi

"Personally, I feel that a company that looks at problems of other companies and learns from their mistakes is a successful one." ~ Dilip Shanghvi

"There is no sense in getting excited by market cap because it is a tool." ~ Dilip Shanghvi

"It is always a challenge to work when people have big expectations. I would much rather feel comfortable working without expectations." ~ Dilip Shanghvi

"The reason we don't give a date by which we will acquire something is because we don't want to create pressure on ourselves to buy something." ~ Dilip Shanghvi

"I have never seen myself as a promoter. I always evaluate myself as a manager." ~ Dilip Shanghvi

"If I look at myself as a manager, I have a lot more to learn." ~ Dilip Shanghvi


Dilip Shanghvi is a remarkable individual who has achieved remarkable success as a businessman and philanthropist. He is a visionary leader, astute entrepreneur, committed innovator, and generous benefactor who has made a positive difference in the world. He serves as a role model and inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a positive impact on the world. He is living proof that with determination, hard work, and creativity, anyone can overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal.

"Money is the outcome of my work and is incidental." ~ Dilip Shanghvi


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