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Andrew Tan Success Story

Andrew Tan Success Story

Andrew Tan


Andrew Tan, a renowned Filipino businessman and philanthropist, is well-known in the Philippines for his considerable contributions to numerous businesses. His path to greatness began in poor circumstances, when he began working as a janitor and eventually as a bartender to support his education. He received a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of the East via hard work and persistence. Tan's entrepreneurial zeal inspired him to enter into real estate development, establishing Megaworld Corporation in 1989, which would go on to become one of the country's major property developers.
He also founded the Alliance Global Group, an organization encompassing real estate, hospitality, food and beverage, and casino interests. Aside from his commercial accomplishments, Andrew Tan is actively involved in humanitarian endeavors in the Philippines, supporting education, healthcare, and environmental conservation efforts. His transformation from a young immigrant to a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist shows the power of determination, ingenuity, and social responsibility.


Early challenges and the will to overcome adversity molded Andrew Tan's childhood. He was born on October 3, 1952, in Fujian, China, and relocated to the Philippines with his family when he was a child. Tan learned the value of hard labor and tenacity from a young age, having grown up in difficult circumstances. Despite his financial difficulties, he stayed dedicated to his education and worked persistently to support himself through odd occupations such as janitor and bartender.
These formative experiences established in him a strong work ethic and tenacity that would later serve as the foundation for his business ventures. Tan's humble beginnings and unwavering determination during his childhood served as a driving force behind his remarkable rise to become a successful businessman and a prominent figure in the Philippines.


He was born in the Chinese region of Fujian and spent his childhood in Hong Kong. He relocated to Manila, Philippines, where he studied accounting at the University of the East and earned a magna cum laude degree in 1974. In 2008, he was also awarded an honorary doctorate in humanities by his alma mater.

Early career:

Tan was born in the Chinese region of Fujian and spent his childhood in Hong Kong. He relocated to Manila, Philippines, where he studied accounting at the University of the East and earned a magna cum laude degree in 1974. He began his career as an appliance merchant before moving on to real estate development. In 1989, he formed Megaworld Corporation, which grew to become one of the country's top developers of condominiums and townships.

Alliance Global Group:

Tan is the CEO of Alliance Global Group Inc. (AGI), a holding company for his multiple enterprises that he founded in 2003. AGI is made up of four companies:
  • Megaworld Corporation - A real estate company that builds condominiums and townships. Empire East Land Holdings and Suntrust Properties are its subsidiaries. Finance Asia, a business tabloid, named it the Philippines' "best managed company" and "best in corporate governance" in 2006.
  • Emperador Distillers, Inc. is best known for their Emperador Brandy, which became the world's best-selling brandy in 2006, as well as Emperador Light. Its success was due to how it was promoted. Instead of following other liquor promotions that feature lovely women and other exquisite imagery, Emperador Brandy's adverts stress life triumphs and moral principles.
  • Golden Arches Development Corporation - This company manages McDonald's franchisees in the Philippines. It operates over 600 outlets countrywide and serves over 68 million customers every year.
  • International Hotel Group, Travellers - A joint venture with Genting Hong Kong that operates Resorts World Manila, a casino and entertainment facility near Ninoy Aquino International Airport. It also owns Resorts World Bayshore, Manila Bay's second integrated resort development.

Awards and Recognitions:

Tan has received numerous prizes and accolades for his accomplishments and services to various fields. Among them are:
  • Businessman of the Year by the Quezon City government in 2004.
  • Honoris Causa Doctor of Humanities from the University of the East in 2008.
  • The Management Association of the Philippines named him Management Man of the Year in 2010.
  • The 2018 PropertyGuru Asia Icon Award

Personal life:

Tan has four children and lives in Manila, Philippines. Kevin Tan, his eldest son, is the CEO of Alliance Global Group Inc. as well as the chief strategy officer of Megaworld Corporation. Kendrick Tan, his other son, is an executive director at Emperador, Inc. Tan is also a philanthropist, with his Alliance Global Foundation supporting issues such as education, health care, the environment, and disaster assistance.


"Do not rush into a business just because you have the capital. You'd lose your shirt if you jump into it recklessly. Do your homework first. Study the market and look for that golden opportunity." ~ Andrew Tan

"Doing business is all about providing a good product or service to your customers. A good businessman is he who knows that what is successful today may not be so tomorrow. Technology changes so fast, and so do people's needs and wants. That's why it would do well for a businessman to know how to adapt to change. He must constantly reinvent the business, or it won't last." ~ Andrew Tan

“Apart from boosting our long-term economic strength like other Asian economic powers, Philippine companies expanding overseas and going beyond our comfort zones, or going to some uncharted territories, will help sharpen our manage.comment skills.” ~ Andrew Tan

“I hope we business people can invest more aggressively outside Metro Manila, whether in real estate, factories, or other enterprises, in order to give equal opportunities to all other regions.” ~ Andrew Tan

“There are many beautiful and resource-rich areas all over the Philippines that are still undeveloped or under-developed. These areas offer opportunities for better master-planning and the emergence of better communities as well as cities.” ~ Andrew Tan

“Our definition of VIP is not as big as in Macau. But for us, they are VIPs even if they don’t spend a lot because we are very hospitable here.” ~ Andrew Tan

“One way to mitigate our risk is to invest in companies with understandable business models.” ~ Andrew Tan

“By the year 2020, we envision our group to be the largest hotel developer in the Philippines, with a total portfolio of around 12,000 hotel rooms.” ~ Andrew Tan


Andrew Tan is a remarkable example of a self-made billionaire who rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs in the Philippines. He has created thousands of jobs and opportunities for his fellow Filipinos by building a diverse company spanning real estate, liquor, fast food, and gambling. He has also shown his generosity and social responsibility by giving back to the community through his foundation and various initiatives. He is an inspiration and a role model for aspiring business leaders and innovators.

"Every time I see a certain room to grow, or a new opportunity to advance further, I go out and take it." ~ Andrew Tan


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