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Lenskart Success Story

Lenskart Success Story



Lenskart is a renowned eyewear and eyecare company based in India. Established in 2010 by Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi, Lenskart has revolutionized the way people access eyewear products and eye examinations. It started with a mission to provide quality eyeglasses and contact lenses at affordable prices while enhancing the eyecare experience for customers.

Early history:

Lenskart is an Indian online platform specializing in eyewear products, including glasses, contact lenses, and sunglasses. Founded in 2010 by Peyush Bansal, formerly of Microsoft, along with Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi, Lenskart aimed to disrupt the eyewear industry by providing quality eyewear at competitive prices with swift delivery services. Despite a name similarity, Lenskart is unrelated to the sage Patanjali and instead derives its name from the combination of "lens" and "kart."
Lenskart quickly established itself as India's largest online eyewear store, operating in over 30 cities and serving millions of customers. The company attracted substantial investments from renowned entities like SoftBank, Temasek, and Tata Group, leading to its unicorn status with a valuation exceeding $1 billion in 2019.
With a focus on innovation and convenience, Lenskart has become a go-to destination for eyewear needs, offering a wide selection of products to customers across India.

Competitive Market Landscape:

One of the primary challenges Lenskart faced was navigating the highly competitive eyewear market in India. The industry had established players with strong brand recognition. Competing with these established brands while carving out a niche for Lenskart was a significant struggle. The company needed to differentiate itself and offer unique value propositions to gain a foothold in the market.

Consumer Perception and Trust:

Building trust in an online eyewear platform was another hurdle. Many consumers were accustomed to physically trying on eyeglasses and were skeptical about purchasing them online. Overcoming this perception and assuring customers about the quality and accuracy of their eyewear orders required substantial efforts in terms of customer education and quality assurance.

Supply Chain and Logistics:

Managing a vast inventory of eyewear products and ensuring timely delivery posed logistical challenges. Lenskart needed to establish efficient supply chain operations to fulfill customer orders promptly. This involved addressing issues related to inventory management, order processing, and last-mile delivery, especially in a diverse and geographically vast country like India.

Technical Challenges:

The development and maintenance of a user-friendly online platform for eyewear selection and customization presented technical hurdles. Ensuring accurate measurements, virtual try-on capabilities, and providing a seamless user experience were critical for customer satisfaction.

Changing Fashion Trends:

Eyewear is not just a functional accessory; it's also a fashion statement. Keeping up with evolving fashion trends and offering a diverse range of stylish eyewear options required ongoing efforts in design, product development, and market research.

Optometry Services Integration:

Integrating optometry services into the Lenskart platform was essential for providing comprehensive eyecare. However, establishing partnerships with qualified optometrists and ensuring consistent quality of eye examinations was a complex task.
Despite these challenges, Lenskart's commitment to innovation, customer-centric approach, and the convenience of online eyewear shopping allowed it to overcome these hurdles and establish itself as a leading player in the Indian eyewear industry.


  • Lenskart offers a vast selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and eyewear accessories, catering to various tastes and preferences.
  • The company employs cutting-edge technology, including 3D Try-On, to provide customers with a seamless online eyewear shopping experience.
  • Lenskart offers a unique service where certified optometrists conduct eye examinations at customers' homes, ensuring convenient and accessible eyecare
  • Lenskart has expanded its presence across India and abroad, with numerous retail stores and an extensive online presence.
  • The company is committed to sustainability, offering eco-friendly eyewear options and implementing environmentally responsible practices.


Lenskart's mission is to make eyecare and eyewear accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for all. They strive to leverage technology, innovation, and a customer-centric approach to transform the eyewear industry while maintaining a strong commitment to quality and sustainability.

Inspirational Message:

Vision is not just about seeing; it's about having the clarity to dream, the focus to achieve, and the courage to chase your goals. Lenskart's journey reminds us that innovation and dedication can break barriers, making the world clearer and brighter for everyone.

Just like Lenskart, let your vision drive your success.


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