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Coca Cola Success Story

Coca Cola Success Story, History, Journey

History of Coca-Cola

Coca-cola is a soft drink made by a soft drink company named coca-cola. Coca-cola is the most famous brand today. There is hardly a two-country in which there is no coca-cola which includes North Korea and Cuba. The interesting story of coca-cola the most successful brand was started from 19 century. Coke is registered as the trademark of Coca Cola Company. There are some other drinks that are manufactured under the name Coca-Cola. Some of them are Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Coca Cola, Diet Coke Caffeine Free, Coca Cola Vanilla, etc.
Coca-cola was founded in the late 19 century by John Stith Pemberton. He registered at Pemberton's Eagle Drug and Chemical House, his drugstore in Columbus, Georgia, he registered Pemberton's French Wine Coca in 1885.
John Pemberton was a person who was wounded in the civil war and addicted to morphine. Later began a quest to find a substitute for the problematic drug. He also had a medical degree. John Pemberton is an American pharmacist who made medicine with chemicals in his own laboratory. He gives medicines for headaches, coughs, and many other diseases to people.
He invented the coca-cola when he wanted to stop the addiction to morphine. Once he read about the specific leave called coca leaves. He also come to know that this leave was good for a possible cure of morphine addiction and also use for strength and boosting the immune system. Later he decided to make the medicine from coca leaves.
Before John used coca leaves for his medicine this leave was used with wine to make a famous soft drink called Vin Marian. Vin Marian was also the most famous drink of his time. This drink was the most successful that the president of America and Thomas Edison also drink Vin Marian and this drink contain some special properties of coca leaves. Some people also claim that this drink uses major properties of coca leave and refresh the brain and body.
Later john Pemberton mixed three ingredients coca leave (source of cocaine), wine, and kola nut which was the source of caffeine, and made the drink called French wine coca. The original and previous name of coca-cola is French wine coca. John made this drink and promote this drink by telling that this drink can quickly cure the diseases like nervous disorders, headache, mental exhaustion, indigestion, impotence, and physical exhaustion. He also said that this drink restores your health and happiness and also eliminates the addiction of some other drugs. John Pemberton ran the first advertisement for the beverage on May 29 of the same year in the Atlanta Journal.
These benefits in this drink were a cause of his high sales. Later the sales became higher and john Pemberton thought that this drink's high sales will be going to add him millionaires list in the next few months but that was not true. Later the country decided to ban alcoholic products including wine. After seeing this john Pemberton decided to exclude wine from his ingredients and he decided to make replace wine with another formula made of citrus acid and fruit flavors.
Later he started experiments to make the new drinks at first he was not successful because whenever he mix substitutes with other ingredients the resulting drink became so sweet and in some cases, it’s become so bitter. But later on, he was successful in making a perfect drink. Then john Pemberton was ready to sell his drink. John Pemberton made a company with Ed Holland, frank Robinson, and David doe name Pemberton chemical company. For the name and logo of the drink, they start brainstorming. The name of coca-cola was suggested by Frank Robinson.
Everyone likes this name because in previous time the product with interesting became successful more. Later Frank Robinson also made the logo of coca-cola. At first, coca-cola was sold only on the soda fountain. After people start liking the coca-cola more and some people go to medical stores just to buy a coca-cola. After the first success of coca-cola, the partner David doe exist in partnership, and M Alexzander joins the partnership. But the modern coca-cola which we drink today is not actually the john Pemberton exact recipe because in previous times coca-cola was made to cure diseases but now it's a soft drink. In the previous time, coca-cola was sold in glasses.
John Pemberton faced failure when coca-cola comes into the market in the first year he had a loss of $26. The business partner of john Pemberton was Frank, Robinson. Once when John Pemberton run his drug store Asa Candler applied for a job in john’s store but John didn’t give him any job because for him they had no vacancies’. Later john Pemberton's world war infections were not recovered fully and due to a stomach infection he died on August 16, 1888, at his home in Atlanta but at this time coca-cola was very far from success.
After the death of john Pemberton frank Robinson wanted Asa Candler to buy this company because frank thought that this coca-cola was the purpose of losing him. At this time Asa Candler also don’t want to buy a coca-cola company because he didn’t have machines to make coca-cola. Later he agrees to buy coca-cola when once he tastes the coca-cola drink. Candler founded The Coca-Cola Company in 1892 and developed it as a major company.
When Asa Candler owns coca-cola he focuses that the people should drink more coca-cola. Later he starts prompting the coca-cola with calendars, magazines, posters, and notebooks. From here the success story of coca-cola begins. Yet the coca-cola was sold in glasses Joseph Whitehead and Benjamin Thomas traveled to Atlanta and later they became the first person who filled coca-cola in bottles and later he give that bottles to Asa chandler.
Chandler appreciates this idea and later starts work on it. Then he made a specific design of the bottle so the customer can recognize an original product from a fake. Later chandler work and he was successful in making coca-cola the world's most successful company.
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