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Unknown Friend Fantasy Story Book Part 1 | Something is Wrong Story

Unknown Friend Fantasy Story Book

Main characters:

Zagan Elian Ariel, Felix Kevin, Kayden, jimmy, jack, Aden, Allen, Remy, Andy, Holden, Rowen.

Main Plot:

Ones there is a boy name Zagan he is a sad piano lover. His friend's name is Elian she is also learning piano where Zagan was learning the piano. World name bastic world there are all bats and the queen of that world have name queen Juno .She has two sons one have name Ariel and the other have to name Felix they both have amazing powers they both have the power that they can transformer them into human form with their wings but they have different types of power too. Ariel has a power that he has one eye which unique through that eye. When he sees anyone whether a human or bat that eye tells him that full detail. Ariel has a left eye unique in this eye he has no iris in that eye in that eye the word DeTEL is written and the pupil is present in the upper part of the ABC letter “e”. Felix has the power that he can increase the size of the body as a bat. Felix has always thirsty for blood. One day Felix is kidnapped by someone who is always wearing a hoodie so no one knows who is that and later Ariel go to safe Felix.


Zagan is a 20-year-old boy and he is a sad piano beat lover. Zagan goes to the instructor to learning the sad beats of piano. He has a friend name Elian she is happy piano beats and she also came here to learn piano. Today Zagan goes to that place to learn. Zagan and mom dad they all sit on the chair round dining table. Then zagan said.)
Zagan: Mom I think I go now.
Mom: Okay my child take care of yourself.
Zagan: Okay father I want to go now.
Father: Okay my son best of luck for your piano classes.
(Then door close sounds.)
Mom: what you think that why he likes sad piano? He has no brother and friends as well.
Father: No, but if is there any problem I hope he tell to me.
Mom: Hope so. I didn’t understand Zagan. When he was a child his pet favorite puppy was disappeared.
Father: I know but I think we tell him that if he wants new we can buy new for his but he said no.

past of Zagan: (When Zagan was 9 years old his mom and dad decided to give a puppy to him. He is so attached to that puppy he spends 9 months with that puppy one day he goes outside with that puppy and they both play beside river then all of sudden a group of boys come toward him they are 10 boys the group of that boys famous in his school for bullying. They all are 15 years olds. They have name Kevin, Kayden, jimmy, jack, Aden, Allen, Remy, Andy, Holden, and Rowen. Him leader was Kevin. They all stand behind and then Kevin go toward the Zagan. Zagan sees all that.)
Kevin: What is your name kid?
Zagan: Why you want to know?
Kevin: Oh kid just tells me I am the leader of this group.
Zagan: My name is Zagan.
Kevin: Zagan little kid if you don’t mind we all want to play with your puppy.
Zagan: But why I give you always hurting the people and kids.
Kevin: Little boy just gives me your puppy.
Zagan: No I won’t give you.
Kevin: Don’t make me angry you little boy.
(Kevin got angry due to Zagan then Kevin suddenly put his right in his pocket and take the blade/cutter in his hand. At the same time, all the boys go toward Kevin without Andy. Andy stands there with a worried face.)
Kevin: Why are you standing their Andy?
Andy: Kevin I think this is not right which you want to do.
(Kevin walk toward Andy and stand in front of him.)
Kevin: You are always scared like this why are you like this?
Andy: I think you are doing wrong?
Kevin: We are a group of boys. We are strong and you fool and scared boy don’t know how to rule on those who are weak. I think from now you are not in this group anymore so get out from here.
Andy: Kevin this is not a life that you always try to scare those people who are powerless just to show that you have a lot of powers.
Kevin: Oh get out.
(Andy goes from that place with worriedness.)
(Kevin then again walk toward his members of the group and then Holden Rowen and Remy step toward the Zagan and hold him. Then Kayden jimmy, jack take the puppy from the hands of Zagan, and other members of the group stand and laughing.)
Zagan: No what are you trying to do?
Kevin: No nothing I just want to kill your puppy.
Zagan: No no won’t do this.
(Kevin just suddenly hold the cutter in his hand and then he kill the puppy all of sudden the blood of the puppy fall on the green grass and Zagan see all this with his own eyes. It is so painful for Zagan. Tears fall on the ground from Zagan's eyes. Then Zagan sits on the ground and sees his puppy he put his hand on the puppy and then he looked at his hand and the blood of the puppy was on the hands of Zagan. The tear fall on the ground from his eyes and then all the boys laughing. When Zagan cry Zagan feels the pain to lose the friend which spends 9 months with him.)
Kevin: Oh you kid this puppy is died now so you shouldn't open your mouth in the front of your mom and dad. Always smile you know that good boy always smile. Am I right?
Zagan: Why you are like this what you got if you kill someone who is best friend of other.
Kevin: Oh boy it’s just an animal not human being.
Zagan: One day you could realize the pain of losing someone which you loved.
(Zagan run away from that place and when he go home he tell to his mom.)
Zagan: Mom that puppy runs away when we are playing.
Mom: O did you try to find it. Zagan: Yes I try but I won’t find him. (His mom hug him.)
Mom: O Zagan stop crying.
(Next he was normal that nothing happen due to this Zagan feel loneliness inside him without his friend but he always smile like nothing happen to him but the sad new for Zagan is his parent can’t understand his pain. Zagan always crying like this. When he was in him room and mis his friend. Zagan feel the pain but there is no one for Zagan to hear his feeling.)
(This is why Zagan like sad piano beats.)
(When zagan go to the room where he learn piano his chair is beside the Elian chair then Zagan go and sit on his seat. Elian already there when Zagan arrive.)
Elian: How are you Zagan?
Zagan: Yes I am fine.
Elian: Okay Zagan today teacher tell us about sad beats of piano because she teach about happy beats yesterday.
Zagan: Okay.
Elian: Zagan don’t you think it is fun.
Zagan: No.
Elian: Okay you are always like this.
(Days passes and now Zagan is master in sad beats of piano.)
(On the other hand there is a world Bastic in this world there are all bats. The queens of bat “Juno queen” has two sons one is 18 year old and other is 19 year old. Younger brother has name Felix and older has name Ariel. Both have powers. They can transform in human form with wings. Felix is has power that he can make his body size large and small as bat with his own will. Felix is always thirsty for blood and Ariel is different Ariel has a one unique eye. In this eye there is no iris and in this eye the word DeTEL is written in his left eye on white part and the pupil is parent on the upper part of this word letter “e”. Due to this eye when Ariel see anyone whether human or bat he quickly understand the detail and past of someone. They both stay in human from in bastic world also because her mom say those. No one know the reason of staying in human from in this world. Queen Juno stay also in human form with wings of black color.)

Past of Felix: (When Felix was child one day he asked from his mother to go to human world and want to take a break from Bastic world.)
Felix: Mom I want to go to human world.
Queen Juno: Okay but take care of yourself and you should stay in human form all the time. But if you want to transform in bat transform and go toward the tree.
Felix: Okay mom I understand now. (Then at the same time Ariel come there.) Airel: O felix are you going somewhere.
Felix: Yes I go to human world.
Ariel: Okay best of luck for your journey.
(Ariel hug Felix and give him a smile. Then Felix go toward human world and then Felix go and transform in bat from and sit on the bush of the tree then Felix suddenly see the Zagan and that boys and see all what happen here when all those go from that place Zagan and boys both Felix go toward the death puppy and see him and then drink some blood of that puppy which spread all around died puppy. When Zagan go that place again he see the Felix drinking the blood of his puppy Zagan scared and run from that place then he go to home. When zagan run from that place for first time he see the bat on the tree which is Felix. Felix didn’t tell this to his mom and brother. Felix knows the everything which happen to Zagan. Felix know the past of Zagan.)
(In this bastic world queen juno make the well of solution like blood but it is not blood for Felix. Now when the Felix is 18. His brother Ariel feel that his brother is know little worried but Ariel didn’t know the thing. One day Ariel go to the Felix. Felix is now stand in the front of that well which have red solution. Felix look toward that water and see his reflection and thinking about the boy. Felix said to himself.)
Felix: I didn’t helped that kid instead I drink the blood of his best friend.
(Then Ariel come toward the Felix.)
Ariel: Hey Felix what are you doing?
(Felix turn toward his brother.)
Felix: O you are here nothing I am just seeing me in the solution.
Ariel: So what’s different? Okay Felix in these day now you are 18. I feel that something make you worried you always look sad.
Felix: No, I was just thinking about those people who lose their best friend and then his/her best friend die in the front of his/her eyes. He/she can’t do anything.
Ariel: Do you have a best friend which you lose?
Felix: No I think you are my friend. We are like friends.
Ariel: Why are you talking like this you are my little brother and I don’t want to see you sad. I want you to stay happy forever.
Felix: I know Ariel but feel the pain of those who lose their friends.
(Felix go from that place after saying and Ariel stand there and think why his brother talking like this. Ariel said to himself.)
Ariel: Why Felix thinking like this. Is there anything which I don’t know?
(Then Ariel go toward her mom queen Juno.)
Ariel: Mom queen Juno do you know why Felix is like this?
Queen juno: What?
Ariel: Mom Felix always worried like this. I don’t know the reason.
Queen juno: I think you should find it by yourself okay.
Ariel: Yes I try my best.
(Then Felix come there. Both queen and Ariel see the Felix. Ariel give a smile to Felix and felix also give smile to Ariel.)
Ariel: O Felix you are here.
Felix: O Ariel you are here. Okay mom I want to go the human world.
Ariel: Felix I want to go with you.
Queen Juno: Felix do you want to go with your brother.
Felix: Mom I want to go alone.
Ariel: But Felix why you don’t want to go with me?
Felix: O Ariel stop worrying about me I am fine now. Okay my brother take care of yourself.
Ariel: But Felix.
Felix: Fine I am going now.
(They are in human form in Bastic world also so Felix transform in bat from and go. Ariel said to himself.)
Ariel: I hope he will be fine.
Queen Juno: Ariel don’t worry he know how to survive in human world.
Ariel: Okay mother. I am going now.
(Queen Juno give a smile to Ariel and said.)
Queen Juno: Okay Ariel believe in yourself that you can do anything but the thing which I want to tell you is if someone need you. You should present there for his/her.
(Ariel go from that place. When Felix go to that place where he see the boy Zagan. Felix see that place and think about the past then he suddenly saw a cave away from him. He decide to go there. Felix is in bat from and fly toward that cave that cave have name crystili. When Felix fly toward that cave. A boy with hoodies stand behind and see the toward the felix when he fly toward that cave. His hoodie cover face only his lips are seeing through the hoodie. That boy wearing a black pant shirt with black gloves. When this boy see the Felix going toward crystili cave the evil smile is on his lips. When Felix go inside that cave he transform in human form and stand there. This cave look like tunnel from inside because these wall are in shape then he see the piano table with chair in this cave and the wall which present right of piano. In that wall the boys of group picture is paste on the wall. Felix see all these thing and shocked. He said to himself.)
Felix: These are the boys which bully that kid Zagan.
(Then all of sudden Felix hear the voice him.)
Boy: O you are here. I am waiting for you since 11 year.
(Felix see that boy and said.)

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