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Unknown Friend Fantasy Story Book Part 1 | Something is Wrong Story

Unknown Friend Fantasy Story Book


Zagan, a boy is mostly bullied by a group of 10 boys, of which Kevin and Kayden are the main boys. One day they did something terrible to him, it traumatized him, and he suffered from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). Then, an unknown boy wearing a black party mask approaches them and show interested in joining their group. After this boy, this group of boys split into pieces. After much time, Zagan will come to know that the main boy in that group is his brother, and he is bullied by his brother and his friends. In the end, it will be revealed that all seven boys in that group are paid actors.


(Zagan is a 20-year-old boy who is learning piano to become a piano artist. Because of his past experiences, he is a fan of sad piano beats.)
ZAGAN. Mom, I should go now; my class starts at 9 a.m.
MOTHER. Okay, take care.
ZAGAN. Father, I want to go now.
FATHER. Good luck with your piano lessons, my son.
(Zagan left)
MOTHER. What do you think explains his preference for sad piano? He has no brother and no friends as well.
FATHER. No, but if there is any problem, I hope he tells me about it.
MOTHER. Hope so. I didn’t understand Zagan. When he was a child, his favourite pet puppy disappeared.
FATHER. I know, but I believe we asked him if he wanted something new and offered to buy it for him, but he declined. And that was only in the past. That is why you are repeating it; everyone has to move on. We can’t stop at one point, otherwise life will be stuck there.
MOM. I care about him; that was not good. It may seem really normal, but the victim knows about everything that he feels.
FATHER. I don’t know what is happening in his life or where it started or where it is going to end.
MOM. He is in pain but acts as if nothing has happened.
FATHER. I can’t do anything about it. I am leaving now.
(His father leaves for work, and the door closes.)
Zagan walks towards where he takes classes and thinks about his past.
Zagan's parents decided to get him a puppy when he was nine years old. He is so attached to that puppy that he kept it for nine months.
One day he goes for a walk with his best friend (the puppy), and they both play beside the river, then all of a sudden a group of boys come toward him. They are 10 boys; the group of those boys is famous in his school for bullying.
(They are all 15 years old.)
(Zagan looks toward them, and his heart rate becomes abnormal. "Why do they all come toward me?" These are bullies; why? They are here? What do they want from me? What is going on? Why Kevin, Kayden, Jimmy, Jack, Aden, Allen, Remy, Andy, Holden, and Rowen. "And Kevin is the leader," Zagan thought.)
(Kevin slowly walked toward Zagan.)
KEVIN. What is your name, kid?
ZAGAN. Why? What do you want?
KEVIN. Oh, the kid just informed me that I am the group's leader.
ZAGAN. Zagan.
KEVIN. Zagan, little kid, if you don’t mind, we all want to play with your puppy. And if you don't mind, then something is going to happen next, and there is a high chance that you won’t expect that.
ZAGAN. But why do I give him to you? You always hurt others.
KEVIN. Just give me what I want, little boy.
ZAGAN. No, I'm not going to give you anything.
KEVIN. Don’t make me angry, you little boy.
(Kevin got angry due to Zagan, and then all of a sudden he took out the blade from his pocket that he had been hiding. At the same time, all the boys go toward Kevin without Andy. Andy stands there with a worried face.)
Andy, why are you standing there, Kevin?
ANDY. Kevin, I believe you are acting inappropriately.
(Kevin walks toward Andy and stands in front of him.)
KEVIN. You are always scared like this; why are you like this?
ANDY. I am not sacred, and you are doing this to others since you came to this school. What happens to you, and why do you always act evil? This won’t bring anything but pain in the end.
KEVIN. We are a group of boys. We are strong, and you are a fool and a scared boy who has no idea how to rule over the weak. I think from now on you are not in this group anymore, so get out of here.
ANDY. Kevin, This is not a life where you always try to scare those who are powerless just to show that you have a lot of powers. This is not really a power; you are going to lose this group one day.
KEVIN. Oh, get out.
(With trepidation, Andy leaves that location.)
(Kevin then walk back toward his group members, and Holden Rowen and Remy would approach Zagan and hold his arms )
Then Kayden, Jimmy, and Jack take the puppy from the hands of Zagan, and other members of the group stand and laugh.)
ZAGAN. No, what are you trying to do? (said in a quavering voice)
KEVIN. No, nothing. I just want to kill this thing.
ZAGAN. No. What do you want? Why are you doing this?
(Kevin held the blade or cutter in his hand and slit the throat of that harmless puppy with his blade, and blood squirted everywhere and also on his face. Blood drops fall on fresh green grass. Zagan eyes became wide open to see the blood everywhere. His eyes become watery because, for a little boy, this is traumatizing. His heart is skipping beats. After the boys free him, he sits on the ground with his friend's dead body, touching blood with his trembling hands.)
KEVIN. Oh, you kids, this puppy is dead now, so you shouldn't open your mouth in front of your parents. Always smile; you know that good boys always smile. Am I right? If you open your mouth, then I will also slit your throat like this.
ZAGAN. Why are you acting this way? What do you get if you kill someone who is precious to others?
KEVIN. Oh boy, it’s just an animal, not a human being. Dogs are thought to be more loyal, but did you know that there is no loyalty in this world?
ZAGAN. This group will never last long because this happens today.
(Zagan runs away from that place, and when he goes home, he tells his mom.)
ZAGAN. Mom, that puppy runs away when we are playing.
MOM. did you look for him?
ZAGAN. Yes, I try, but I won’t find him.
(His mom hugs him.)
MOM. Zagan stop crying.
(The next day, he was normal, as if nothing had happened.) Zagan felt loneliness inside him without his friend, but he always smiled as if nothing had happened. The sad thing for him is that Zagan's parents couldn't understand his pain. Zagan always crying like this.
(When he was alone in his room, he missed his friend every single day, minute, and week, and it seemed impossible for him to spend time with anyone.) Zagan is walking toward where he takes piano classes.
"Why why? Why this happened Sometimes life takes you to a point where you don’t want to be. That time was tough. It feels like months are absorbed into days and years are absorbed into months, then they come toward me. That was terrible, really terrible." He is thinking in his mind.
(When Zagan enters the room where he learns piano, his chair is beside Elian's ( A girl who is also learning paino) chair, and he goes to his chair. Elian is already there when Zagan arrives.)
ELIAN. How are you, Zagan?
ZAGAN. Yes, I am fine.
ELIAN. Okay, Zagan, the teacher told us today about sad piano beats because she taught us about happy beats yesterday.
ZAGAN. Okay.
ELIAN. Zagan don’t you think it is fun.
ZAGAN. Maybe, maybe not.
ELIAN. Okay, you are always like this. You know there is a boy whose name is Alfie, and he is handsome. I think you should make him your friend.
ZAGAN. I will think about it.
(After a few days, Zagan has mastered the sad beats of the piano.)
Days pass, and one day Zagan plays the piano for his parents.
MOM. You are amazing, Zagan. We hope for your best.
DAD. You are really good now.
ZAGAN. Thank you, mom and dad.
A group of bullies are grown up now; they all turn 25.
Kayden calls someone, and a girl picks up the phone.
KAYDEN. I want them on rent.
GIRL. All the details will be given to you.
A boy with reddish brown hair and wearing a black party mask on his face while wearing ripped jeans meets another boy in front of the House of Ills.
HENRY. So you are Felix. You've come to this house when I'm supposed to bring them; act as if you're afraid of me. I wanted them to see me as abuser.
They are all sitting on desks and tables made of wood in the park. A young man in his twenties approaches them, wearing a masquerade mask over his eyes. He sat directly in front of Kevin, the group's leader.
KEVIN. What brought you here, and please introduce yourself—what is your name?
BOY. Explanations are not available all the time; sometimes you have to use your brain to come up with solutions.
KEVIN. What do you mean?
HENRY. Nothing. I'm Henry, and I'm here because I want to be added to this group.
KEVIN. But why?
HENRY. This why word of yours has no exact answer; do you agree or not?
KEVIN. Yes, I agree, but why are you wearing this mask.
Henry gave a smile, looked down for a second, and then again looked toward him.
HENRY. Disaster is coming, boys. I won’t take off this mask and let you hear one thing from me, Kevin: I am not as weak as that boy.
(Kevin is shocked to hear this and looks toward him.)
HENRY. All the members of the group now accept me as your friend.
(Every member said yes.)
After a week. Henry is now a member of this group. One day, Henry gathered all the boys and approached them.
He is thinking, "This group is going to reach its end soon. What a sad news. Why are they like this?"
HENRY. Today I thought it would be fun if we knew about each other’s weaknesses.
"Who is he? And why is this boy acting so weird? Is he the same Henry that used to play with me in childhood?" Kevin thinks in his mind.
KAYDEN. Many years have passed, and I occasionally feel uneasy about what we have done.
HENRY. Ok boys, hear me now. I believe we should pay a visit to the House of Ills.
KEVIN. What does "ills" mean?
HENRY. Well, I can’t tell clearly what the meaning of "ills" is, but we can say that humans can experience the effect of virtual reality, and the strangest thing is that a house is abandoned for years. Nobody came close; only a few crazy people went to experience the adventure.
"Just see what is going to happen to you boys. Sometimes we are unable to see what is happening behind a closed door." Henry thinks in his mind.
"I don’t feel right I think this boy knows a lot of things about us already and now wants to learn more about us," kevin thinks in his mind.
HENRY. Ok, boys, make sure you go with me at your own risk.
"Should we go or not? I don’t know, but I think we should go see what exists there; I hope these boys didn't have to fight with anyone " Kayden said in his mind.
KEVIN. Yes, we should go there.
"I didn't expect that from these boys; they have no idea who I am. What am i thinking like what happen to me? ok for myself, I will think later," Henry said in his head.
HENRY. Ok, good. Let's start our journey.
The door to the house of ills is opened by Henry and the other boys.
A young man dressed elegantly approached them.
KEVIN. You were living in this, so who are you?
HENRY. No, he’s not. I told him to look at every corner of the house before he came.
KEVIN. It is really so strange, Henry.
Henry looks toward Kayden.
HENRY. Who cares. (Smile)
Henry extended his hand for a handshake, and the boy looked toward his hand, then toward his face, before Henry extended his hand for a handshake.
"He looks scared. What is this villain doing?" Kevin pondered in his mind.
Then they walk inside the house.
BOY. I am going to look at another part of this house.
Kevins grabbed the boy's arm and said
KEVIN. Where are you going? You look scared?
Boy (smile)
BOY. No, I am not scared.
Henry smiled and said
HENRY. Don’t worry, the supernatural beings here are not going to hurt us or maybe there is no one here.
Boy left
"Everything is strange. What is happening? What brought him here?" Kevin said in his mind.
"This time, all these boys are quiet, and I think they should just listen to what their leader said and why they act like fools," Henry thought.
"This boy brought us here, and Kevin is just behaving foolishly. I hope Kevin and this boy Henry don't come to know that I use money; that's why these boys are here," Kayden said in his mind.
Rowen. Why I came here with Henry I hope I don’t have to face darkness here.
Suddenly, a large number of bats appear from nowhere.
KAYDEN. What exactly is this, and where did it come from?
HOLDEN. What is this?
All of these boys are still, but Holden began running here and there, looking the most sacred of all of them after the bats vanished after 5 seconds.
HOLDEN. Guys I am sacred of bats.
"Bats, these boys act like these things are real, but they are fake," Henry said in his mind.
Henry's gaze is drawn to the lights, and based on his surroundings, he appears to be on the lookout for something.All of a sudden, the surface started shaking.
KEVIN. What is happening? Henry, you brought us here; what is it?
HENRY. You are now blaming me as I grab you guys and bring you here. This is the new adventure for you, boy, why don’t you understand.
After a few seconds, the shaking ends, and Kevin goes toward Henry and grabs his collar furiously.
KEVIN. Tell me, are you Zagan? Zagan, what do you want from us?
Kayden goes toward them.
KAYDEN. Stop this, guys. What are you doing?
HENRY. If you guys just do bad things to him, why do you think this is concerning to me.
KAYDEN. Wait, why does this feel like we're in the base? There are literally no windows here.
HENRY. This is the house of ills, so it is built differently from other houses.
All the lights turn off.
ROWEN. Why is this happening, God?
KAYDEN. Where are you guys?
KEVIN. We can't see anything; please turn on a lighter if you have one.
ROWEN. Guys, can you quickly do something that is really strange?
"It looks like he is afraid of the dark, so maybe that means Rowen's darkness and Kayden's loneliness maybe. What the hell happened? What is going on in my mind when I say we should know about each others fear this is so boring" Henry said in his mind.
The light comes on after a while.
Rowen looks afraid. He is looking down, then he looks up, and Henry sees in his eyes.
HENRY. You’re afraid.
ROWEN. This is creepy.
HENRY. Yeah boy
Kevin grabbed Kayden’s hand.
KEVIN. We should go.
HENRY. Why, boys, are you scared?
"I'm not sure why I feel like Kevin is only good with Kayden and ignores everyone else; did they both betray them?" Henry wondered.
Kevin and Kayden left.
ALLEN. I wish I didn’t have to face the many people here.
Henry looked toward him.
HENRY. Do you guys want to explore this house or want to leave.
REMY. I think we should go a little further. I think there are no windows, so there will be no birds here.
"Two more birds and socializing, okay, now Jimmy, Jack, and Aden are the only ones left. Huff what am i doing? here. "Now let's do something exciting; I'm not sure where Felix is," Henry reasoned.
HENRY. Let's go, boys.
They walk further and open the one room door. Inside a room, there are a lot of yellow leaves on the floor, and on the corner of the room, there are branches of trees, which look a little creepy.
REMY. You never said there is a tree inside this house; seriously, how did the owner do this?
All the boys go inside the room. Behind them, a boy comes
BOY. Hello again, boys.
All the boys look behind them.
REMY. You frightened us.
"He is here. I'm curious about Kevin and Kayden. Where are they? I want to confirm what they are really doing," Henry thought.
HENRY. Hey boy, take care of them; I am going.
ROWEN. Where are you going?
HENRY. Well, I am going to see my friend. I will be here after some time.
Henry leaves. Henry walks quickly through the hallway, and when he hears Kayden and Kevin talking to each other, he stands quietly outside the room. Kevin notices that someone is standing outside the room, so he thinks that it will be Henry.
"I think this boy is not going to leave us on his own. Ok, now I am going to say that I will bully Alfie, who was once my classmate, but now attends the same classes and learns with Zagan. I am sure that Henry knows who Zagan is, but there is less possibility that he is Zagan."
KAYDEN. Why? What problem do you have with Henry? If he wants to join our group, why are you not letting him?
Kayden notices that Kevin is thinking about something else.
KAYDEN. Kevin, did you hear me?
Kevin: "Yeah, what's your problem? " "That's my choice; I am the leader."
KAYDEN. Did you forget Zagan’s scene? Why are you becoming so cruel. I am the fool who just helped you, and the rest of the boys were also fools.
"You think you are the leader, but Kevin, I am the main master of all things," Kayden thought.
KEVIN. Those who are weak are worthless in this world, and they have to accept their fate that they are weak.
KAYDEN. So what are you trying to say?
"Why do I have to act like I am good?" Kayden thought.
KEVIN. I want to bully one more boy, who is Alfie. Who was our older classmate? He was also from my little higher standard family, so I couldn’t bully him. He was kind, but now I am going to destroy him.
"I will never bully him because he is an older version of one of my priorities." Kevin thought
KAYDEN. What are you saying? why? Isn't he your friend? Hey, tell me, do you want to go back to him. Don't forget who you choose?
KEVIN. The following day, he will come to practise in his special rental apartment, which he purchased specifically for practicing. I will bully him. I don’t want to see Henry there.
KAYDEN. Do whatever you want?
Henry came into the room. Kayden and Kevin look toward him.
KEVIN. Hello, Henry.I feel like you know who Zagan is, don’t you?
Kevin encircled his shoulder with his arm. Henry turned toward his hand and looked at him.
HENRY. So you think like this. I only know his name; I didn’t see him.
"What is he saying He doesn’t know him. You know him, I know." Kevin said in his mind.
KEVIN. You know his name; seriously, this joke is ok; whatever, I am not interested in you, but the rest of the boys are.
Kevin walks toward the door, and Henry is looking at him.
"Sometimes I don’t know who I am. I know one thing: I am not a real thing; I am something that is created by disease. I am the second personality of this boy’s bullying victim, and I think that victim is Zagan. Perhaps I am his second personality; what is this?" Henry is thinking in his mind.
HENRY. Who is my true personality?
Next day
Zagan after attending class. Zagan walks toward the boy, who was looking very decent and was wearing a long brown coat over black jeans and a t-shirt. He was also wearing glasses. He was sitting on the bench and reading a book.
Zagan came and sat beside him. Alfie looked toward him.
ALFIE. Ooh, Zagan, you're here all of a sudden; you're mostly busy with your practice, so I didn't bother you.
ZAGAN. No, if you want to talk, I will always answer you.
ALFIE. I like how you feel deeply about the piano.
ZAGAN. oo yeah, well, today I want to practise with you at your place.
ALFIE. Really, Zagan, are you serious? That would be fun. If you want to come, then you can?
"Something is not right. Why do I feel like I am anxious about something?" Zagan is thinking in his mind.
" I don’t understand why he asked about it so suddenly. We haven't spoken in a week, and he's acting as if nothing has happened. Are we really friends? i will hate this if he comes to know that i am just showing sympathy because he is a victim like her," Alfie said in his mind.
Alfie put the book down and held Zagan's hand.
ALFIE. Are you really okay? You don’t look good?
"Maybe that storm was huge for him compared to his age. I didn’t do anything at that time because, after this happened, we came to know that this had happened.
Alfie gives him a one sided hug.
Later that time when Alfie enters the room, the room is small, and the walls are a decent light grey. A black acrylic wall clock hangs on the wall, which makes a beautiful contrast, and the room looks unique, small, and decent. In the middle of the room there is a paino table of black color, and on the left side there are two modern dining chairs of black colour side by side. Beside the front wall clock, there is a window. In the right corner of this room is a table and chair. Alfie comes inside the room, closes the door, takes some steps forward, and then stands in front of the wall where that wall clock is.
Alfie had a flashback.
Alfie was in the field with a little girl who was 10 years old, and she gave a flower to Alfie. Alfie smiles at her and takes the flower; he pats his head.
ALFIE. Ava, wherever you bring these little pink flowers, you take them away from their family.
AVA. There's family growing back, brother.
ALFIE. Maybe seriously, haha.
"We noticed the bruises and cuts on her arms one day, and the way she was crying alone in his room, and that is why she has been bullied. She didn’t say anything that day, and now she is grown up, but I feel like at that point life hit her hard," Alfie said in his mind.
When Alfie goes to his room one day, Alfie sits with him in his bed.
ALFIE. You’re so quiet these days. Just tell me what happened, and I will do what I can.
Ava looked toward Alfie and smiled.
AVA. Have you ever had the feeling that you can imagine a happy moment with someone and want to meet them, but they are already dead in another part of the world?
Alfie looked toward her with shock. He rose from her bed and sat in a kneeling position in front of her sister on the floor.
ALFIE. What are you trying to say? Please tell me.
AVA. Nothing.
ALFIE. What is that thing that is bothering you?
AVA. I am a victim of bullying.
ALFIE. Who was he?
AVA. I have seen that boy with you.
ALFIE. How???? Wait, I will never forgive him. If I had met him somewhere after we had already left that school, something would have been destroyed that day.
AVA. Brother, don’t be angry; he was actually bullying my friend, and when I went to stop, he slapped me.
ALFIE. And what with those bruises.
AVA. That was lighter.
"Many days pass, and I haven’t seen him since that day," Alfie

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