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Power of Water Fantasy Story Book Part 1 | Water Staff

Power from Water Book

Main characters:

Zane, Mariah Lina, Shan King Adir, Alizey.

Main plot:

A snake girl name Mariah was the daughter of snake king Adir. Mariah wanted to take the water staff but the king said to her don’t take it. King Adir has an army and this army have their magical stone. With the help of that stone, they can talk with humans. Mariah steals that stone and also take water staff from Lina with a trick. Mariah was under the control of dark steffer darkness.

Water staff

In the sea ricobric army of snake is lived. The name of the king is king Adir and her daughter's name is Mariah. When Mariah was younger king Adir tell her the story about water staff and now she has age around twenty and now she wanted to take that water staff. That water staff is full of water powers but the king/queen of that water staff is human.
(One day Mariah go to the king Adir.)
Mariah: Father if that water staff is full of power why he is not here.
King Adir: The water staff was present in the deeper part of the sea but not everyone can take that staff. Only those humans can take that which have this symbol on his/her hand.
(King was standing in front of his throne. Mariah was standing behind the king beside the throne. King lift his hand and use power and this symbol appeared in the air on the top of his hand.) (King further said.)
King Adir: Only those can take that water staff who have a wish to talk with water.
Mariah: Can animals do not take that staff?
King Adir: No animal can take that water staff but if the leader of that water staff wants. The leader of the water staff has a lot of power such as he/she can start raining from clouds with her/his power. This talk is also famous in humans that one night that symbol appears on the sky in star direction.
Mariah: What is the meaning of that symbol appear on the sky at night.
King Adir: It means that the leader of that staff is now twenty (20) years old and now he/she ready to take the responsibility of that staff.
Mariah: ok father I am going to my room.
(When Mariah was in her room she sit on her bed and think I am also around 20 but if I said to the father directly that I want to take that staff father do not agree. I think I have a plan to take that.In this snake army, everyone knows about water staff and its powers. Few days passed then Mariah goes to her father's room.)
Mariah: Father where is the place in which water staff was.
King Adir: No, Mariah I can’t tell you the place of water staff. If I tell you. You can go to that place but that place is very dangerous because that water staff created fake beauty around them. That beauty is dangerous but it looks so cool. No one can stand in that place without touching the beauty of that place. My dear Mariah that staff is not for us. The water staff tries to find his leader that is why he is here.Mariah, I know that you wanted to take that.
Mariah: Oh you know it already. (King Adir was sitting on his bed and Mariah was standing beside the bed.)
King Adir: Mariah do you know what happens if you touch that beauty by mistake.
Mariah: No, I don’t now I want only staff.
King Adir: You got caught in the cage and never escape out from that place no matter how hard you try.
Mariah: I am going.
King Adir: Mariah wait.
Mariah: what?
(King Adir worried about her daughter due to her talk. Mariah was angry because her father didn’t tell her that place.)
(King stands up and tells to Mariah the real secret about his army.)
King Adir: Our army has a magical stone with the help of that stone we can talk with humans and also some other power present in that stone.
Mariah: So why you tell me all these things. These are wrothless for me. Huh.
(King was standing behind the Mariah and then Mariah go here room king was standing there with a worried expression. Few days pass Mariah was in her room sitting on the bed then she decided to go out of her room. These snakes made a castle with the power of stone on the surface of the water. Mariah looks king with a boy from his army. She looks those and standing behind the pillar and try to hear what they talk about.)
King Adir: Do you know that water staff was present in dark steffer.
A boy from the army: Yes, I hear about that. I think that place was so dark. The only light is due to water staff.
(Mariah is now going to her room and she decided that she will go to that place. One day Mariah go to the place “dark steffer”. Mariah look that now dark steffer is beautiful with fake beauty of water staff. The water staff is on wood. This wood looks like a table or bench. Beside (right or left) water staff there is a beauty created by it vertically. She never touches anything as the king says. She goes near to the water staff but when she takes that water staff in her left hand. Suddenly all the beauty was disappeared and that water staff turns into a bush of trees of that size. Now she throws that staff on the surface with an angry face. The dark steffer is now fully dark. The only light in dark steffer now is due to Mariah's eyes which is of green color. She stays little time in steffer darkness so due to this the darkness effect on her mind. Then she goes toward the top layer of water she looks the sky it was night. She sees that the symbol appeared in the star's direction in the sky due to this she knows that the leader of that staff has now age 20. She goes back to the castle and steals that magical stone. When the army boy went to that room to check stone it was not here. The army boy was shocked and ran toward the king. King was now sitting on his throne. Army boy stands in front of the King Adir.)
Army boy: King Adir our army magical stone is stolen now.
(King Adir stands up quickly.)
King Adir: What are you saying? Who did this do you know him? Did you remember his face?
Army boy: No, king Air I don’t know. (All of the sudden laughing voice was coming from outside of the castle. They run toward the door of the castle and open it. King Adir and the army boy saw Mariah stand in front of them. They saw Mariah with evil smile on her face and in her right hand she is taking a magical stone.)
King Adir: Mariah why you are doing this you know that you won’t take that staff what you’re planning to do now?
Mariah: My dear father, Mariah need only power because power is everything for Mariah.
King Adir: why you steal that stone.
Mariah: Father you know this stone will help in taking that staff from that humans.
Army boy: king Adir do you know why Mariah is doing this?
(King Adir to army boy.)
King Adir: I think dark steffer darkness effect Mariah’s mind so in her Taking water staff craze is more and more. Army boy: Is there any method in which we can overcome the darkness of dark steffer.
King Adir: Huh nope I have no way but if the leader of the water staff try I hope he/she can do it.
Army boy: Why? How can you do this? She is your daughter and princess.
Mariah: What you’re talking about? I am going now to take that staff you army boy or my father go and do whatever you want to do.I am going to surface the human world.
(Mariah goes from that place and king Adir or army boy stand there with a hopeless face.)
(Lina was now 20 years old. She has a special symbol on her right hand. She is in college. She is in class in 14 and she studies art subjects. A boy Shan and Zane was in her class Zane has a little sister name Alizey. Zane and Alizey were only living in his house. His/her parents have divorced so he and his sister was only living in the house. Lina was attached to water. She wants to talk with water. All my classmates were making fun of lina that she is a very strange alien one day Lina was sitting in the classroom. Three of her fellow girls come to her.) Fellow girl one: Do you know you are very strange. I don’t know what you got if you talk to water. This thing I don’t know why are you attach to water. You are an idiot you know.)
Lina: Why are you like this do you have no work without teasing me.
(Shan was sitting on him seat his seat was beside Lina.)
Shan: Hey girls what is your problem. You are a double and triple idiot.
Fellow girls two: You are always with Lina’s side. I think you like her.
Shan: I don’t forgive you get out of here you said always wrong.
Fellow girl two: You little chicken who cares about you.
(All the fellow girls laugh and go back to her seat Shan bang his head on the table.)
Shan: Huh am I little chicken? No, I am a boy. She is wrong. Okay.
(After school Lina was walking to her home on the left side of the road there were all houses and the right side there is a forest in the middle of the road that forest is beautiful. This is the place where that staff was resting and finding her leader but those can’t see this place by standing in front of the forest. In that place, there was a big rock far to the water river and this rock has a bench type shape and humans can sit it. Lina sees this rock and sits on it. Shan was passing by and see Lina he go to Lina a sit beside him.)
Shan: Lina are you sad due to these talks?
Lina: No Shan I thinking that can I be able to talk with water one day.
Shan: Lina I don’t know you’re feeling about water but I know you are different from others you are unique. Lina, I just want to tell you that don’t lose hope.
Lina: Thank you Shan. (Shan is looking toward those houses and then stand up and walk toward his house. Lina sits their then she decided to go inside the forest. When Lina go inside the forest there was a beautiful river and beside this river, there is a tree. This scene is so beautiful when Lina was standing there and looking at the water of the river. Suddenly the hand symbol of Lina is glowing at the same time bright light shines and the water staff appears in front of Lina’s eyes in the air. She is very shocked to see this. (She said to herself what’s going on here?) Lina is now standing far from the tree and seeing the water staff. Behind the tree, black smoke appears and then Mariah appeared she see the Lina and understand that this girl is a leader of the water staff. Lina seeing the staff and Mariah is behind tree seeing the Lina. When the water staff is there, at the same time magical stone is shining. Lina didn’t understand what happened so she runs away from that place toward her home. When see go water staff disappears. Mariah knows that in this collage Lina is. Mariah decided to go toward that collage. She transforms her into a 40-year-old lady with the help of that stone. Next day when Lina go to the classroom all the student talk about a new teacher who has the name, Maria. Lina sits on her sit then Shan said to her.)
Shan: Lina did you know about a new teacher which has the name, Maria.
Lina: No I didn’t know about her.
(Everyone talking about the teacher so the class is noisy. Suddenly one teacher is coming to the side class and says I am Maria. She said to class did you hear about me then teacher Maria sees the Lina and goes toward her and stands beside Lina’s chair. Lina stands up.)
Teacher Maria:. Lina I think you are interested in talking with water.
(Lina is shocked and confused that how teacher Maria knows about it. Lina didn’t know how to respond to this question.)
Lina: yes you are the right teacher.
(Teacher see toward Lina and give her a smile and go to the teacher chair. At this time the whole class is whispering the teacher say in loud voice “silent” after hearing this voice whole class was quiet and there is silence. Then she simply teaches something about the subject and goes to the staffroom. One day Zane and her sister were eating breakfast they both sitting on the chair and in front of his or his on the table, there is food on the plate.)
Alizey: Zane how about food is it good?
Zane: Ah my dear sister it is good you cook so well I know.
Alizey: I hope you are not kidding.
Zane: No no it is not kidding. Now I am going to college.
Alizey: Take care bye-bye.
Zane: Ok, take care Alizey. (Then Zane left home. Alizey has off from school on this day so she simply put those dishes to the kitchen and then washes them then she goes to her room and starts reading a book. She is sitting on a chair and her book is on the table she rests her right hand on the table with this hand thumb and index figure she holds that page which she is reading now. Her left hand is also on the table. Alizey suddenly realizes that there is black smoke in her room she stands up and quickly looks at the corner of the room. Her bed is behind her. Then she turns and looks behind her. She didn’t know what is happening. She is so confused than a girl with black gown, black hoodie, and on her face there is a black surgical mask. Her eyes have a green color.)
Alizey: Who are you?
Girl: My dear can you give me a favor.
Alizey: What
Girl: It not a big I need your brother to kill someone.
Alizey: What? Zane can’t do that for you.
Girl: Alizey if you are kidnapped what another choice your brother has?
Alizey: what? No.
(Alizey runs toward the door room but when Alizey arrives their girl disappears from that place and reappears in front of Alizey the door of the room is open and touch with the wall which is present behind it. Due to the smoke Alizey unconsciously falls on the floor of the room then that girl removes her black surgical mask from her left hand and an evil smile appears on her face. Now it is all dark after sometime when darkness disappear Alizey was not there. When Zane comes home he closes the door.)
Zane: Alizey where are you?
(Zane put his bag in his on the chair and then go to Alizey room but Alizey was not there.)
Zane: Where is she?
(When Zane stands beside the bed of Alizey black smoke appears in the front of Zane's eyes beside the bed. Then that girl reappears in the front of Zane.)
Girl: If you want your sister. Do work for me?
Zane: Who are you? Are you kidding me?
(Zane thinks in his mind why I work for her but I want to see my sister so I work for her.)
Zane: Okay.
Girl: My name is Mariah.
Zane: So what you want from me?
Mariah: Your classmate Lina is a leader of water staff. I want that water staff. Did you hear about it?
Zane: Yes I hear about it. So why you don’t take it yet what is the problem?
Mariah: The only leader can take it.
Zane: Why you don’t take it alone.
Mariah: Shut up. I am queen I don’t do anything.
Zane: Okay.
Mariah: Zane does you know I am your teacher Maria.
Zane: what? You are Maria. Mariah: Are you shocked Zane? Zane: No, no Mariah.
Mariah: I see (laugh).
(Then Mariah disappear.)
Zane: Where are you going to? Where is Alizey? (Zane sits on the bed and think about Alizey. The next day Lina stands in the front of the forest. Then she goes inside them and then water staff reappears. Lina so confused.)
Lina: Who are you? How this is possible?
(Mariah appears behind the tree when Lina says these then Mariah walk toward Lina.)
Mariah: why are you so shocked it just a staff?
(Lina turn and now Mariah is in front of the leader of water staff Lina.)
Lina: Who are you? Why are you here?
Mariah: I am Mariah. The daughter of king Adir.
Lina: Who is king Adir?
Mariah: Huh forget it. Can you take that staff and give it to me.
Lina: Why I take it for you? I don’t know you? Can you tell me what’s happening here?
Mariah: Why you want to understand?
Lina: Did you said why I want to understand this symbol present on my hand.
Mariah: So simple reason.
Lina: I don’t know what’s happening here? But I think it’s no normal I am going home.
Mariah: Why no Lina stop.
Lina: Huh why you want that staff. What’s the reason? Well, I am not interested in taking this. If this is not a responsibility.
(Lina goes toward home when Lina goes from that place water staff which appear in air is disappear Mariah think how can take that staff then Mariah disappear from that place. The next day when Lina goes to school she comes in class and simply sits on her seat then Zane comes near to Lina and stands beside his chair.)

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