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Door for Your Success Part 1

Door for Your Success

What you got from this book?

In this book, you find the answers to these questions.
What is life?
Why it's important to find purpose?
Give you the motivation to do work?
Importance of purpose of life?
Why happiness is important?
How find yourself?
What is the importance of mental health?
What thing is important in life?
Importance of goals
How to set goals?
Importance of the first step
How to take the first step?
What is the importance of money and love?
What is love?
Why it’s important to love those who love you?

What is life?

In simple words, we can say that the meaning of life is existence and alive. When we talk about life the first thing that comes in our mind about the meaning of life is to live but life not only means live. We can also say that meaning of life is to live for those who alive. And another is to create yourself and find yourself who are you? What is the purpose of your life? Why are you in this world? What’s the reason?

Why the purpose of your life is important?

The purpose is just like your track in this life. Suppose if you are a train driver and train is your life if there is no track for your train. Where you will go. It’s also similar to the life you should make your way where you want to go. It’s not easy to find your own purpose in life but it’s not very hard because everything is possible but first believe in yourself and be positive about yourself.
We can also say that life is just like a business in which you need a purpose to run your business and you aware of this what your company provides to the people? Are they happy with that? What type of service you’re providing to the people? Which things people like most?
Many people have different purposes in her/him life it’s not only mean that you want to become popular and nothing more. Some peoples want their parents to be proud of them. This thing is most important why you are living in this world?

How to find the purpose of your own life?

There are many ways that you can find your purpose in the life. First you should find these things which are passion, talent.

What is passion?

The work which you love to do. You will never be bored in doing this work. The work when you do you feels excited. This is your passion. There are no grantees that finding your passion will be easy or not but you can do it. Believe in yourself.

What is talent?

The work in which we good naturally is a talent but in the talent, we also need the practice to perfect in that work. Mostly peoples cannot find his or her talent because think that inside them a there is no talent but this is not true. Every person has their own talent but the thing is they like other people's talent and forget his or her own.

What is the skill?

Many people consider their skill as their talent but this is not correct. Skill is the thing which we learn and we expert in it. Skill is a different thing and talent is a different thing. We cannot consider our skill as a talent.
So the truth is we cannot find purpose because it’s not a thing which is present naturally. You decide by yourself that what you want to do. Many people cannot do anything because of his/her society. They always think about what our society says about this work.
But this thing is important to know how people feel about your personality and what thing reminds them of you. Always try to talk with new peoples. It is very important to focus on the people of your surroundings. If they are positive people then they give you positive thoughts. This thing is also very important to discover the thing which you love to do. It helps you to know about yourself who are you?

Why happiness is important?

Our life is full of ups and downs but the thing we should face these obstacles bravely. This is very important to live happily in our life it’s also important for our mental health, on the other hand, it’s also vital for reaching our goals. If you are happy you do work properly and enjoy it instead of doing your work in sadness. It’s not possible for us to enjoy every movement of life but the thing is:

“Do what you want to do and enjoy every movement of your life (if possible).’’

Some people think that in his/her life nothing beautiful or good happens but this is not true. The truth is every beautiful things happen but we can’t notice instead we run behind the huge ones. People want only huge beautiful things we can also say that this is human nature and we can’t change reality but we should always try to overcome this. The important thing is:

“Always try to focus on those things which you have in your life but if you can’t do this and focus on those which you don’t have you’ll never have enough.”

How to live a happy life?

Happier life or meaningful life is somehow related to each other. There are many ways in which we can live a happy life:
• Always try to become a giver.

Who is a giver?

The people who help others without thinking of return. It is very important to become a giver in the relationship not only in the relationship of husband-wife but in another relationship with our family and friends we should want to become a giver.
• Try to do those things which make you happy.
There are a lot of things which make different people happy. It is not a bad thing that if you can’t do professional work. You can’t do anything. Always try to do those things which you like but patiently. Believe that one day you will be professional in that work which you like.
• Try to live in the present, not in the past.
One of the most come mistakes of people is they can’t forget the past. We all know that it is very painful to accept what people do to us in our life without our own will. Remember one thing

“The thing which happens to us in our past is not our own fault but if you know that it’s your own fault try not to do this type of mistake again.”

It is very important to live in the present and enjoy it with your friends and family. If you do not enjoy your present then in the future you always thinking about it that why I did not enjoy my past. Try to forget your past and do hard work for your future. Now past is just a memory and you should never allow a memory or memories to destroy your future.
• Try to create balance in your life.

Between family and job work:

It’s very important to create balance in your life. We all have a lot of work to do but while doing work it is important not to forget your family. For example, some people are very crazy about work they want to do the work as quickly as possible you can say that want to complete it. It’s very important to set the schedule of each day if you don’t want to make a monthly schedule on a copy so don’t worry. There is an interesting way that you can make a schedule. When you go to sleep laid on the bed and think what important you do tomorrow ones separate those work which you do every day and which is your responsibility and then think about those work which you can do for your own enjoyment. There are a lot of works which you can do for enjoyment. These are: Enjoying with your family, follow your hobby and many other things.

Between your talent/creativity & job/school work:

It is very important for our brain to do creativity (something new) in our daily routine. Doing something new helps your brain to stay healthy. If you are a school student so it is important for you to find your talent at this early age.
• Try to stay positive every movement.
Staying positive does not mean that you are overestimating yourself. Staying positive means always try to focus on good things. For example: if you met one person which is your cousin, friend, uncle, aunt and you communicate with them if he/she said that he/she not good at something which you love to do. So you focus on that thing in which he/she is perfect. The second example is if you are a student and you are doing your exam don’t think that maybe I will fail in this if you were doing hard work last night. Remember one thing:

“If you fail at something don’t think that you’re a loser but that means there is something special which you deserve.”

How to make your brain healthy for work?

It is important for us to stay with a healthy brain. There are many ways in which we keep our mind healthy. A healthy mind is very important for work. Suppose if our mind is not healthy and not in the position of work then what can we do? A healthy mind is also important for creative ideas which we needed in our work.

Importance of brain exercise:

Brain exercise is also important for a healthy brain its help our brain to stay healthy. It’s also very helpful in our everyday work. A healthy brain gives us inner strength. Healthy brain help us to cope with problems of our everyday life.

How to do exercise of the brain?

Exercise is important for our brain to stay healthy. Aerobic exercise is the exercise for the brain. Physical exercise is important for the brain as well as for our health. The exercise which makes our brain healthy are as follow:
• Solving a puzzle.
Solving puzzles can help our brain because we think a lot about the puzzle pieces thinking where is the place in which this piece will fit in. When we thinking about the solution of hard problem like puzzle its help our brain to make our memory sharp.
• Use your senses.
There are five sense we have which are:
1. Sight
2. Smell
3. Taste
4. Touch
5. Hearing
For example: when we bake a cake or some other dish in our house. We use our senses to feel what type of things it has. And another example is: when we see the flower in your own garden or public we go and first we smell the flower, we see the flower which color it has and then we touch the flower to feel which type of surface it has is it smooth or rough. Using our senses to feel the things also make our memory mentally sharp.
• Learning a skill.
We all know that learn something new is very important for our brain. If you want to sharp your memory learning something new there is also a lot of options you can start that work which you want to do. For example: making a story in your mind and then write on papers, learning a new language, making a painting with your imagination or you can also draw different things such as making a drawing of apple in plate or other things which you like.
• Put your calculator away from you.
Another way to make your memory sharp is to solve math means think of two larger values and then add, multiple, subtract and try to divide with each other. If you don’t want to use a pencil or copy for solving you can also use the application in mobile, tablet and laptop but doing math is very important.
• Sleep well.
It is important for us to forget our mobile or tablet at night and sleep well. If we want to make our brain healthy. We’re using our mobile or tablet too much at night if you want to do something forget mobile, tablet and laptop but forgetting our mobile doesn’t mean that we can’t watch the things which we want to but it means to take proper sleep.

Physical exercise:

Physical exercise is also important for the brain to stay healthy for work. Important physical exercise for the brain is as follow:
• Run for almost one hour.
Running is an important exercise for brain because the researcher said that the people who run almost one hour in a day they will live a long life than non-runners. It’s important for us to get up early in the morning and go for a walk/run. Try to get up early. If possible gets up early in the morning in summer and see the sunrise. Seeing the sunrise gives us a feeling of hope to do work to reach our goal no matter they are small and many or large. The main reason for running is to pump our heart but if you don’t have time to run one hour a day so don’t worry you can also run for 5 to 10 minutes a day. Remember some point before running because too much running can also cause an overuse injury.
Change your shoes not always but often.
Not to use slippers for running.
It’s important to have a track for running.
• Cycling (if possible).
Cycling is also important aerobic exercise for the brain. Cycling has a lot of benefits that improve our mental, lower risk of heart disease and cancer, help to lose weight, save time, etc. It is important to have a track for the cycle. We do not use the road as a cycle track. In the morning we can use the road as a track but carefully because in the morning there are fewer vehicles on the road. There is another method we can also use cycle machine for cycling. In this method we don’t need a track for a cycle.
• Swimming (if possible).
There are a lot of benefits to swimming. Provide relaxation on a hot day. Swimming is a perfect way to relieve stress. Make sure that the place which you’re choosing for swimming is safe. It’s important to know how to swim before swimming. Remember before swimming you have a specific dress for swimming.

Why the goal is important for life?

What is the goal?

In simple words goal is an idea of future that a person wants to achieve. Different people have different goal some people want to become pilot, engineer, artist, doctor, scientist, and some people have a goal that they wanted to do something for this world not for her/him selves such as we can say, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison are the example of this.

Importance of goal:

Goals are very important in life. We can also say that if we have a goal and all the life we are struggling to achieve it then we live with all of our might. Life without goals is just like tea without sugar. We know that not all people live with their goals. We don’t know about the truth but maybe in the due to the people around them. In this world, a lot of people die and a lot of people live but the thing is they do not live with life with their will. They live according to those people who they are rounded by. For example, some people follow these rules but this is not the method to live.
1. When they’re child focus on the study a lot not to do anything without study means (drawing, creative work, made new things from old)
2. When you are an adult find a good job. And then marriage.
3. Live your life with children after marriage.
This is not the correct method of living your life. This is correct but little bit. The important thing is to set a goal but the question which comes in our mind is how to set a goal. Some people think that setting a goal is very hard but this is not very hard.

How to set a goal for life?

What to do first?

Think about the work which you want to do. Make sure you are not doing this work for someone else. Set a goal that what you want to be or what you want to do. A simple way is to write your goals on the paper and ask those people who you think that they can help you to achieve your goal.

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