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Darkness in Hallway part 1 | Fantasy Story English

Darkness in Hallway

Main Plot:

In Altus's world, every person has his own card, which is related to the person's good and evil deeds. There are four bars on the card, two on each side. And with this card, a demon or spirit can be produced. One day, a young man named Michael Keel became so enamoured with his Azal card that he began to see a demon in his room. Iker was a boy in the same collage who desired vengeance on Michael Kheel. A girl named Amy was hit by a car, and later on, her brother will come to know about the culprit.


In the world of Altus, everyone has his own card and this card is related to that person’s life happiness, and sadness. Cards have two bars on each side one side ( two bars) indicate the sadness and evil deeds of the person and the other side ( two bars) indicate the happiness and good deeds. Mostly the bars of sadness and happiness balance each other and evil and good also.
When sadness/happiness and evil bar became full evil demon will produce and if a bar of sadness and good deeds became full then the good spirit will produce. In this world only a few people's bars became full and few demons and spirits are produced. The demon and good spirit made by the “AZAL card” is the reflection of the good and evil deeds of the person.
They may be or maybe not be helpful for that person. When the person died the Azal card blast because if the person is no more his evils and goodness will be no more. If all the bars became empty person is no more and this is a rule of the Altus world Azal card.
A lot of children of different ages 12 - 20 years are playing in the park and the guardian of them are two females the ages 27 and 30 are sitting on the bench. All of these children come from the orphanage today is February 20.
She can’t walk so she is just watching other kids which are playing on the seesaw and some are having fun with their own company. Her name is Amy and she is 17. Amy is writing something in her diary. She holds her Azal card in her hand also. The bench which she is sitting on is close to the park boundary. Behind the park, there is the main road. A car with black color comes toward the boundary Amy is no idea what’s going to happen next.
When that car is going to hit Amy then at the same time another car with full speed comes and collides with the previous car and moves forward. That car makes the u-turn and comes back toward the previous car. Due to the sound coming from behind she turns her head back to see what's happening and then the previous car makes a quick action and hit Amy. Afterward, blood flow over the ground and every kid gets scared, and run's in the direction where they think it is safe.
The guardian tries to control but there is no use. Another car stopped near the boundary. Some invisible power took the diary of Amy. Police came here and an ambulance also. But they find no evidence.. After the accident, a boy named Michael kheel pick the Azal card that belongs to Amy but then that card blasted into his hand without hurting him. Six years ago a young couple Kelly and Lucas lived in the city. Lucas was a professor at the university. This couple had twins a boy and a girl.
They live happily but the happiness was ruined because one day their daughter becomes missing and never comes back. No one knows where the daughter goes. The days passed and then weeks and then years the daughter didn’t come back.
Afterward, the bond of the powerful family bond was broken.
Amy was a girl with a good heart but in that same orphanage, a group of bullies (kids who bully others) lived. Amy was bullied by them. One day they were on the rooftop. They take Amy's Azal card and and throw it away.
when Amy tries to see where that card dropped the bullies push her and the time, she fell to the ground she felt an intense pain in her whole body but her leg was mainly injured. One day bullies are making fun of her because she can’t move and depended on a wheelchair. They continuously say to her that her living makes no sense or maybe she was worthless this makes Amy feels so anxious about her. "is my living totally worthless or makes no sense. That man said my family abandoned me but how?? why? they were lovely was that all fake?" Amy said in his mind.
One day at midnight they locked Amy in the darkroom. That day clouds of darkness really appeared on her because where she looked there was only one thing dark, darkness, and no light nothing. "open the door open why you guys are doing this?" Amy said.
A boy named Michael kheel had a strong belief in his Azal card that one day demon/spirit will be produced. One day a psychiatrist name Enzo visit this orphanage to complete the goal which he made for himself and ask the staff lady "I want to see kids " Enzo said.
"Do you want to adopt any?" the staff member said. "well I don't want to adopt any I want to see them I am a psychiatrist" Enzo said. Staff member agrees and takes him to the room of the kids. when Enzo enters the room of kids he saw each and every kid but one little girl Amy grasp his attention.
later Enzo and Amy became friends and Enzo gives a diary to Amy. Then he wrote goals for her mental health on the papers. Enzo visits the orphanage every day just to see Amy's condition. Enzo was also a professor at the same university where Lucas was.
These professors were investors in big companies also. Both of these professors were rich. One day when Enzo comes to Lucas's cabin. When he was standing outside the door heard Lucas talking to someone on the phone.
LUCAS. Did you succeed in convincing them that you want to check their blood group and tissue type?
RANDOM PERSON. yes sir at first they refused but later on, they agreed.
LUCAS. tell me later which kid is selected for this purpose.
Lucas's end conservation. Enzo enters the room. Lucas and Enzo were friends.
ENZO. Lucas let's go to the cafeteria.
LUCAS. okay, let's go.
During eating
ENZO. what is happening is there anything wrong?
LUCAS. my child Kenji is in hospital and the doctors say that his ventricular septal defect can also lead to heart failure.
ENZO. this is sad i will pray for him.
One week later. Enzo hears Lucas talking on the phone.
LUCAS. yes, so did you find out?
RANDOM PERSON. Yes sir two kids have the same groups and same tissue type as kenji. which kid you are going to choose sir.
One is girl with injured leg and other is boy.
LUCAS. I will choose the girl with injured leg. The people with disability are less likely to be happy with their life's. now you know that what you should do next.
lucas ends call.
Enzo was shocked to hears him.
"Lucas is taking the life of someone else child to safe his own." Enzo said in mind.
Lucas didn't realize that enzo heard him. After call he look at his Azal card where the bar of happiness was low and non of the bar was near to full.
"What is the point this useless card it feel like it's bars are stuck here" lucas said.
For this purpose lucas buy a car and then at the same time enzo also buy a car because he knows that.
That girl was Amy. Enzo was in his room looking at the clock thinking about Amy. Enzo then take some steps and stand in the front of window seeing moon at night.
"what is happening i don't know when he is going to kill i can't stop him but why? he is doing this for his child other wise kenji will die and if Amy died my goal will never go to completion." Enzo said.
A spirit created with Amy's Azal card hides Amy's diary to give to her sibling if Amy had one.
As the Azal card's spirit and the demon cannot interfere with the person's personal life, they can be used to persuade them to do evil things. Children and teenagers make most of the demons and spirits in the Altus world since adults and mature people know how to balance all four bars.
Aside from his terrible work, Lucas Azal's cards didn't make a demon because the bars of happiness and sadness are half. It is possible that Lucas is not a bad person at heart. Another reason Lucas Azal's card didn't fill out is that he didn't consider this a big problem.
Lucas' mobile phone caught Enzo's attention and he made a plan to save Amy. Unfortunately, his plan failed.
During the ambulance ride that brought Amy to the hospital, her heart was taken to save Kenji's life after she died. Lucas went to the doctor to talk about his son a few days after the operation.
LUCAS. is everything fine?
DOCTOR.I'm shocked who donated a heart for this boy.
LUCAS. ahh What do you mean?
DOCTOR. I wonder how you can find the right heart in a short period of time. There are no problems, the tissues and blood match perfectly. I feel like it is donated one of his sibling.
Enzo knows that Lucas is the murderer of Amy. Then he visited the same orphanage where Amy was living.
ENZO. I want to see Amy's room.
STAFF MEMBER. Did you hear the sad news? We told the police that we must find the murderer, but they said that the murderer didn't leave a trace behind simply because we don't know who his parents are, which makes it impossible to continue the investigation.
ENZO. ok, yes I know
The girl from the staff takes Enzo to Amy's room and then he starts searching for something. He tries to find the diary in his room but can't find it. Enzo also makes an attempt to find the dairy on the accident site, but it is not there either. The reason Enzo didn't act so quickly was that he wanted to know who Amy's parents were.
Since he meets Amy a week before he dies, Enzo has been trying to find his parents. After getting a new heart Kenji starts recovering quickly Kelly is also happy to see this.
Currently, Enzo is just living his normal life, but he is trying to find Amy's parents.
Enzo and Lucas are friends. Enzo knows that Lucas did this for his child so he didn’t tell the police and in the end, there is no evidence.
When Enzo and Lucas are in university after giving the lecture to the student Enzo wanted to talk about Lucas family.
As Enzo walked from the hallway and stand in the front of lucas room where lucas was teaching, his student approached him.
SKYLAR. sir you teach immunology very well. Could you please tell me what your qualifications are?
Enzo smiled a little bit see toward the classroom with tension in his eyes.
ENZO. I did a B.Sc in microbiology and M.Sc in psychology.
SKYLAR. oo you are a psychiatrist as well.
ENZO. hmm Maybe ok tell me if you need any help.
Enzo came to the cabin/room. And sit on the chair. Skylar came to Enzo's room.
SKYLAR. sir, I want to talk to you about the Azal card.
ENZO. what is it?
SKYLAR. can a person increase the bars with any method?
ENZO.well there is no method to increase or decrease the bars. This card shows what is happening in a person's life as it relates to his or her life.
SKYLAR. what happens if a person believes his Azal card so much about the spirit and demons?
ENZO. As for spirits and demons, both can be good or bad, depending on how the person treats them and what he wants from them. But if the demon is produced it can also convince humans to do evil. Demons actually represent the person’s evil deeds and they can be harmful to his own and others that is why in the Altus world most people try to live happily and try to overcome sadness just to maintain balance in their bars.
SKYLAR. if the people are in the struggle just because of the card why did the Azal card even exist?
ENZO. Azal's card didn’t make any trouble it was made just to make sure that the person didn’t give up or we can also say that no one known why azal card even exist. This is just an assumption.
SKYLAR. give up means?????
ENZO. to overcome suicide
SKYLAR. seriously how????????
ENZO. This is really complicated to understand. Everything is connected by one strange tree, but no one knows why it is called a mystery of altus world.
SKYLAR. cards connected to tree are you out of your mind this is just a fairy tale.
ENZO. it's not fairy tale my student this is just beginning because at the end someone will burn that tree and everything will end.
SKYLAR. what are you talking about???
ENZO. O my student, that's a tree of magic, and it uses advanced technology to control the rate of disappointment but you know that a tree that gives fruits to others always eats stones in return. That is going to happen.
SKYLAR. but how this is providing fruit azal card is not considered as fruit it is problem. Is this card has high value in person's life.
ENZO. No, it can't control anything, it's just a game.
Lucas enters the room. Skylar looks toward lucas.
SKYLAR. sir isn’t this your room????
ENZO. no it’s my friend’s room.
SKYLAR. ok i am leaving
LUCAS. why are you here?
ENZO. I want to talk to you. Why are you serious all the time?
LUCAS. Are there any important things which you wanted to ask about?
ENZO. your child.
LUCAS. seriously, don't you have your own family? You always ask me about my family.
ENZO. I have but I am interested in gaining knowledge about you.
He then noticed Lucas's Azal card was on the table, so he picked it up and looked at it.
ENZO. your bars on the Azal card are balanced. How did you do this?
LUCAS. just try to fight with life difficulties cause there's no other way exist to survive.
ENZO. Do you have only one child?
LUCAS. the question is good. But I am not interested in answering it.
ENZO. why?
Lucas takes a deep breath and looks at him
LUCAS. I also had a daughter whose age is the same as my son but she missing six years ago and didn’t come back.
"There is a possibility that amy was his daughter maybe she was kidnapped by someone and taken to that orphange but who did that" Enzo said in his mind
"That injured girl was not my daugther possibly not i don't think so" lucas said in his mind
ENZO. didn’t you think that you kill her with your own hands
LUCAS. Impossible i found out she was in orphanage she was not injured and there are almost four orphanages in this city. I will find her will her with the help of DNA report and I think it’s better for you not to think about it.
"The only child you have in your family is kenji this is your fate and I think that you have killed your own daughter with your hands. I won't say anything because if you had Amy, Kenji would die since he needed the heart transplant urgently" Enzo said in his mind.
ENZO. Can you show me the DNA reports?
LUCAS. so you think that I didn't know that you already know that I am going to kill that girl for Kenji. Your car is trying to stop mine.
ENZO. It's not right that you take the life of one person in order to save another.
LUCAS. What do you mean i am not doing this for fun i just do this to save my child life.
ENZO. Lucas don't take me wrong but i think you just killed your one child to save other.
LUCAS. don't tell me what to do?
lucas take the DNA report from the file and throw on the table rudely. Enzo takes a picture of the page.
ENZO. As you wish. I am leaving.
"Lucas didn't say anything as if he really wanted me to leave," Enzo said in his mind.
"I know Enzo you want to help me, but at this point, i feel like your wrong i didn't kill my daughter" Lucas said in his mind.
Later in the evening at 7:00 p.m., he came to the orphanage to investigate.
He enters the orphanage and just asks a single lady walking by who is from the staff.
ENZO. ahh I want to know about the girl Amy?
LADY. yes that lady will tell you?
The lady pointed his finger toward another lady. Enzo goes toward her.
ENZO. I just want to know one thing?
LADY. yes sir how can i help you?
ENZO. Would you ever test the DNA of children?
LADY. The answer is no, but in cases where a child is injured and has to go to the hospital, the DNA test for that child is kept.
ENZO. can I see the file?
LADY. yes sure.
Lady gave him file.
In the DNA test, Enzo quickly flips through many pages until he finds the name Amy, then he stops when he sees the name Amy. He takes out his phone to check the results and they matched.
Enzo thought to himself, "So that's true he killed his daughter to save his son, but how??".
LADY. sir is there any other thing which you need? enzo look toward lady.
ENZO. no thanks
LADY. ok
"Why am I suddenly dizzy and weak? i feel like i am not stable" enzo said.
After leaving the orphanage, Enzo walked to his parked car. This place is nearby the bridge. The bridge has the same design as Ōnaruto Bridge (in japan) . When Enzo came here it was around 8:00 pm. He looks at the cars passing through the road, he walks to the footpath near the road on the bridge.
He stands in front of a grill, Enzo looks up toward the sky where a full moon is surrounded by a beautiful cloud's fleece blanket. The sky looks so soft and relaxing. A slight breeze touched his face and passed. There is a view of a city filled with a lot of buildings and houses below the skyline. Lights seem so beautiful in this darkness and like shining stars. Every light comes from a single home. Each light looks like a twinkling star in this darkness. Because there are fewer vehicles passing through the bridge, it seems peaceful. Every light gives a sense of hope when Enzo looks at them. Besides all of this, the river water looks so calm and nice. This water makes its own sound which feels so soft to hear on this peaceful night. Enzo holds the paper in his right hand. He lifts up his hand and sees what he write on that in the past. These papers indicate the goals which Enzo made for Amy. Then he sees a flashback of his and Amy talking together.
ENZO. It is not right why you stop me i can easily punish them.
AMY. There is no use. The word revenge is only sweet to hear before one can take it afterward not in all cases it will bring light to a person’s life sometimes the time after revenge will be darker than previous.
Enzo feels sorry for her but then he accepts the reality. Then he drops the paper through the bridge and the paper moves downward slowly falls on the water and then sink.
Enzo said, "The reality is I am not unhappy, but this reality shocks me."
Two weeks have passed since the accident. Micheal kheel is 18. Micheal kheel is sitting on his bed and looking at his Azal card on that the bars of happiness and evil deeds near to the full. Then he looks toward the front wall of his room. Sudden purplish-black smoke appears and the amount of smoke is much wall is not visible anymore. Demonic eyes also appear with this smoke.
MICHAEL KHEEL. finally I made you.
The demon said with a heavy, disturbing and irritating sound
DEMON. maybe
MICHAEL KHEEL. I did evil in the past.
DEMON. yesssss
MICHAEL KHEEL. i want to ask one thing from you ?

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