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Darkness in Hallway part 1 | Fantasy Story English

Darkness in Hallway

Main plot:

In Altus's words, the evil and good deeds of people are depending on Azal card. Azal card had two bars on each side. One side has a bar of happiness and good deeds and the other has a bar of evil deeds and unhappiness. If unhappiness/ happiness and evil deeds bars became full then evil demon will produce and if the bar of good deeds became full then a good spirit will produced. Amy is a girl who is hitted by a car and then she died. Iker, kenji and Michael kheel is studying in same collage and one day paranormal activities start in collage.


In the world Altus everyone has his own card and this card is related to that person’s life happiness and sadness cards have two bars on each side one side(two bars) indicate the sadness and evil deeds of the person and the other side( two bars) indicate the happiness and good deeds. Mostly the bars of sadness and happiness will balance each other and evil and good also. When sadness/happiness and evil bars became full evil demons will produce and if a bar of sadness and good deeds bars became full then the good spirit will produce. In this world only a few people's bars became full and few demons and spirits is produced. The demon and good spirit made by the “AZAL card” is the reflection of the good and evil deeds of the person. They may be or maybe not be helpful for that person. When the person died the Azal card became blast because if the person is no more his evils and goodness are no more. If all the bars became empty person is no more.
A lot of children with different ages 10-15 years are playing in the park and the guardian of them are two females the ages 27 and 30 are sitting on the bench. All of these children came from the orphanage today is February 20. A girl named Amy was sitting on the bench alone because her leg is bandaged and she can’t walk so she is just watching the other kids which are playing on the seesaw and some are having fun with their own company. Amy is writing something in the diary. She holds her recognizer card is in his hand also. She is sitting on the bench and this bench is close to the park boundary and behind the park, there is the main road. Car with black comes toward the boundary of the park Amy is no idea what’s going to happen next. When this car is near to hit Amy. car but at the same time another car comes at full speed and hit the previous car and move forward and after going forward the car make the u-turn and come back toward this. Due to the sound coming from behind she turns her head back and then the previous car makes a quick action and hits Amy. After blood flow over the ground, every child in the park is scared and panic run's in that direction where thinks it's safe as the guardian tries to control but there is no use. Another car stopped near the boundary. The dairy of Amy was picked by some invisible power. Police came here and an ambulance also. But they find no evidence. After the accident, a boy named Michael kheel pick the Azal card belongs Amy but then that card blast in his hand without hurting him.
Six years ago a young couple Kelly and Lucas was living in the city. Lucas was a professor at the university. This couple had twins a boy and girl and they live happily but the happiness was ruined because one day their daughter became missing and never come back. No one knows where the daughter goes. The days passes and then weeks and then years the daughter didn’t come back. After this, the bond of the powerful family bond was broken.
Amy was a girl with a good heart but in that same orphanage, a group of bullies (kids who bully others) lived. Amy was bullied by them. One day they were on the rooftop and they take her Azal card and throw it away but when Amy try to see where that card drop the bullies push her and the movement she fell on the ground she feel terrible pain in his leg from that day her leg was injured. One day bullies are making fun of her because she can’t move and depend on a wheelchair they continuously say this which makes Amy feels in the deep of his heart some anxiety it makes her think that "is her living totally worthless or make no sense" as she didn’t receive any love because the guardian in the orphanage can’t focus on all kids. One day at midnight they locked Amy in the darkroom. that day clouds of darkness really appear on her because where she looks there is only one thing dark and darkness no light nothing. The bar of happiness on her Azal card became lower as the days pass and in contrast to this the bar of unhappiness became full of no evil deeds as she can’t do anything. A boy named Michael kheel has a strong belief in his Azal card that one-day demon/spirit will be produced. One day a psychiatrist name Enzo visit this orphanage to complete his goal which he made and ask the staff if he want to see kids and the staff said that he want to see the kids. The staff asks if he wants to adopt any. But Enzo said that he just wanted to see them. Then Enzo enters the room where kid was Enzo just go to Amy and he wants to talk to her because he was the psychiatrist so he can recognize the people who were suffering psychologically. Then Enzo became the Amy's friend he visit the orphanage every day to see her. Enzo was also the professor at the same university where Lucas was.
Enzo gives Amy a dairy and then Enzo knows what was condition of Amy so he takes the paper and wrote the goal which Amy should achieve to gain the mental health again. By asking other kids Enzo became known who was an actual abuser. But Enzo didn’t do anything and give the time a chance to give them a reward. One day when both were in university during recess professor Enzo go to Lucas. Enzo was outside the room and when he was about to open the door he hear Lucas was talking to a person.
Lucas: Did you just say to the staff of the orphanage that you have to take the blood sample of all kids?
Person: yes, at first they didn’t agree but then they agree.
Lucas: ok tell me later which is selected for this purpose, I have to save my child.
Enzo hears all conversation and enters the room.
Enzo: Lucas do you want to go to the cafeteria?
Lucas: yes sure.
During eating Enzo asks Lucas about his child. Both these professors are rich.
Lucas: yes, Kenji is in hospital and he is 15 years old. He has a ventricular septal defect. The doctor said it may lead to heart failure also.
Enzo: I will pray for your son and for you.
One week later Enzo hear that Lucas was talking to someone on the phone.
Lucas: did you complete your work.
Person: yes sir, a girl with injured legs has the same and other kids also. Which one you should choose.
Lucas: The injured one maybe.
Then one day Lucas buy a car for this purpose and then Enzo did the same in order to save Amy because from hearing this he know that Lucas is was talking about Amy but Amy died on that day. There is a spirit that was made by Amy Azal's card and that spirit hides the dairy of Amy to give to her sibling if she had. As the spirit and demon made by the Azal card can’t interfere with the person's personal life they can convince the person to do the evil things. In the Altus world mostly the demon and spirit made by kids and teenagers Azal card only because the adult and mature know how to balance all four bars. Lucas Azal's cards didn’t make any demon due to his bad work also because the happiness and sadness bars are half. Maybe Lucas was the person who is not evil from his heart. The reason why the bar of Lucas Azal's card didn’t fill was that he didn’t consider this as a big problem. When Enzo hears Lucas talking on the mobile then he also made the plan to save the Amy but unfortunately, he failed.
The same day when Amy died after some time when the ambulance bring her to the hospital her heart is taken to save someone else life which is Kenji. Then after an operation, Lucas came to the doctor to ask him about his son.
Lucas: is everything’s fine.
Doctor: ooo Lucas I am shocked to see that where you bring this heart?
Lucas: ahh what do you mean?
Doctor: I wonder how you can find the perfect heart in a short period of time. Everything is fine the tissues and blood match perfectly.
Enzo knows that Lucas is the murderer of Amy. Then he go to the same orphanage where Amy was living.
Enzo: I want to see Amy's room.
Staff: the saddest thing that happen did you hear that? We tell the police and said that they should find the murderer but the police said that the murderer didn’t leave any of the traces behind just because we don't know who are his sparent so it's hard to continue the case.
Enzo: ok yes I know
The girl from the staff takes Enzo to Amy's room and then he starts finding something. Enzo tries to find the diary but in his room, he can’t find it. Enzo also tries to find the dairy on the accident site but he can’t find it there also. Enzo didn’t take action so quickly because first, he wanted to know who’s parents of Amy. Enzo tries to find his parent since the day he meets Amy as Enzo meets Amy before one week of his death. After getting a new heart Kenji starts recovering Kelly is also happy to see this.
Now Enzo is just living his life normally but now one thing is the change he is trying the parents of Amy. Enzo and Lucas are friends. Enzo knows that Lucas did this for his child so he didn’t tell the police and in the end, there is no evidence.
When Enzo and Lucas are in university after giving the lecture to the student Enzo wanted to talk about his family. Enzo is walking from the hallway then his student came to him.
Skylar: sir you teach immunology very well. Sir, may I ask one question what your qualification?
Enzo smiled a little bit see toward the classroom with tension in his eyes and then
Enzo: I did the B.Sc in microbiology M.Sc in Psychology.
Skylar: oo you are a psychiatrist also.
Enzo: hmm ok tell me if you need any help.
Enzo came to the cabin/room. And sit on the chair. Skylar came to Enzo's room.
Skylar: sir I want to talk to you about the Azal card.
Enzo: what?
Skylar: can I increase the bars of anything by any method?
Enzo: well there is no method to increase or decrease the bars by itself. Azal card is totally related to a person’s life what happens in life that’s happening in the card.
Skylar: what happens if a person believes his Azal card so much about the spirit and demons?
Enzo: that totally depends on the person how he/she treat them and what he wants from them the spirits and demon both have the ability to be good and bad. But if the demon is produced and the Peron’s didn’t care about himself the person will be at risk. Demons actually represent the person’s evil deeds and they can be harmful to his own and others that is why in the Altus world most people try to live happily and try to overcome sadness just to maintain balance in their bars.
Skylar: if the people are in the struggle just because of the card why did the Azal card even exist?
Enzo: Azal's card didn’t make any trouble it was made just to make sure that the person didn’t give.
Skylar: give up means?
Enzo: to overcome suicide
Skylar: ooo
Lucas enters the room.
Skylar: sir isn’t this your room.
Enzo: no it’s my friend’s room.
Skylar: ok I am going now.
Lucas: why are you here?
Enzo: I want to talk to you. Why are you serious all the time?
Lucas: Are there any important things which you wanted to ask about?
Enzo: your child.
Lucas: seriously didn’t you have your own family just thinking and asking questions to others.
Enzo: I have but I am interested in gaining knowledge.
Then he saw Lucas's Azal card is on the table so he pick it up and see.
Enzo: ooo your bars on the Azal card are balanced. How did you do this?
Lucas: just try to fight with life difficulties cause there's no other way.
Lucas came and then sit down.
Enzo: did you have only one child?
Lucas: the question is good. But I am not interested in answering it.
Enzo: why?
Lucas: I also had a daughter but she went missing six years ago and didn’t come back.
Enzo thinks that became Amy was the daughter of Lucas because she has the same age as Kenji.
Lucas: with my own investigation I came to know that my daughter is in an orphanage I will find her.
Enzo: didn’t you think that you kill her with your own hands
Lucas: that will never happen she was not injured. I will find her will her DNA report and I think it’s better for you not to think about it much.
Enzo: did you have her DNA report now.
Lucas: why?
Lucas shows him and then he clicks the photo on his mobile. But Lucas didn’t notice it.
Then after completing his work of the day at 7:00 mp he goes to the same orphanage to find out is this really true which he is thinking. He enters the orphanage and just asks a single lady walking by which is from the staff.
Enzo: ahh I want to know about the girl Amy?
Lady: yes that teacher will tell you?
The lady pointed his finger toward another lady.
Enzo: did this orphanage ever test the DNA of the kids.
Teacher: well the answer is no but for those who are injured and have to go to the hospital the DNA test of that child is present in the records.
Enzo: can I see the file?
Teacher: yes sure.
Then Enzo try to find the DNA test but he didn’t find it in the first file so he close the second and then he found out that both the tests matched.
Teacher: sir is there any other thing which you want?
Enzo: no thanks
After seeing this Enzo came back to go home and the place where he park his car is near the bridge this bridge has the same design as Ōnaruto Bridge (in japan) have. When Enzo came here it was around 8:00 pm. He sees that cars are passing through the roads then he walks to the footpath which is near the road.
Enzo is standing in front of the grill of the bridge and looks toward the sky where a full moon appears with a beautiful cloud’s fleece blanket. The sky looks so soft and relaxing. The slight breeze touched’s his face and passed away. Below the sky, there is a city in which there are a lot of buildings and houses. A lot of lights look so beautiful and look like a shining star in this darkness. Every light comes from a single home. Each and every light looks like a twinkling star in this whole darkness. As there’s a less amount of vehicles passing through the bridge it seems so peaceful. Every light gives a sense of hope when Enzo looks at them. Besides all of this, the river water looks so calm and nice. This water makes its own sound which feels so soft to hear on this peaceful night. Enzo holds the paper in his right hand. He lifts up his hand and sees what he write on that in the past. These papers indicate the goals which Enzo made for Amy. Then he sees a flashback of his and Amy talking together.
Enzo: they will suffer one day. They didn’t know what they have done.

Amy: There is no use. The word revenge is only sweet to hear before one can take it afterward not in all cases it will bring light to a person’s life sometimes the time after revenge will be darker than previous.
Enzo feels sorry for her but then he accepts the reality. Then he drops the paper through the bridge and the paper moves downward slowly falls on the water and then sink. Enzo is not sad but this reality is shocking for him.
Now two weeks pass since the accident. Micheal kheel is sitting on his bed and looking at his Azal card on that the bars of happiness and evil deeds near to the full. Then he looks toward the front wall of his room. Sudden purplish-black smoke appears and the amount of smoke is much wall is not visible anymore. Demonic eyes also appear with this smoke.
Michael kheel: finally I made you.
The demon said with a heavy, disturbing and irritating sound
Demon: maybe
Michael kheel: I did evil in the past.
Demon: yesssss
Michael kheel: there is much attraction in the evil why?
Demon: Evil is a thing that promises the freedom to do whatever you like. Evil is not good but there's an insatiable hunger in every human that convinces him/her to do things that are not good. Doing what’s right takes a lot more work and dedication that’s why most people have lost in this. Loop is an example of evil and most people are lost in it and then some don’t want to come out and some find the way to go out.
Micheal kheel: victim died.
Demon: Don’t you feel any sympathy?
Micheal kheel: in very little amount but it is going to increase someday.
Demon: are you sure you want to choose this darkness?
Michael kheel: I don’t know.
Demon: did you know evil is so easy but it’s totally on the person what he chooses whether it is due to situation of person’s own choice. You also choose your Azal card because of the situation.
(Kenji is sitting on the bed after recovering from his disease. Kenji is talking to himself.)
Kenji: why has my sister didn’t come back since that day. Who donates heart to me? Why do I hear some strange voices which no one can hear? Is there any spiritual power around me or maybe it is due to the Azal card because bars are nearly full? There is so many questions but no one is here to answers.
Kenji also experiences some paranormal activities around him.
Kenji: mom I thought you should do something? There’s an invisible power or something in our house. But the thing is I don’t know is it a demon or a good spirit.
Kelly: there is no spirit in our house when you were admitted to the hospital once we do the exorcism of our house.
Kenji: exorcism why?
Kelly: because your dad thinks there’s maybe an evil power which to destroy us. The bars of our Azal card are not full yet.
Kenji: who donate me a heart?
Kelly: I didn’t know about it as Lucas didn’t tell me.
After this when Kenji walks toward his room from the hallway there is a wooden book rack it suddenly falls on the floor and a harsh sound is produced due to the wood falling on the floor. In this small accident, Kenji didn’t hurt. But he is totally shocked by this.
As Micheal kheel, Iker and Kenji take admission to the same college.
Iker is a cousin of Micheal Kheel. Iker also believes in his Azal card. Iker choose the dark side from both and now a demon is made by his Azal card. Now college will start soon and Iker, Kenji, and Micheal Kheel are in the same class. The place where the bridge is beautiful so this place also attracts tourists also. At first, Kenji didn’t know about Micheal Kheel and Iker. One day Kenji goes to the bridge and there he looks Iker standing alone and talking to some.
Iker: I wonder what am going to do next.
Demon: what do you mean? Evil is easy there is no doubt about it.
Iker: I didn’t think Micheal kheel is here in this college. How? How can you overcome your problems, Micheal? Ok, tell me demon why did you visit Kenji's house?
Demon: no he is in this college. I know that Kenji is a boy who receives the heart from Michael Kheel bullies victim.
Iker: oo Micheal I am shocked you have already destroyed your life by doing this. How can you overcome regrets and difficulties? You know I want to make this world where there are no weak people.
Demon: what you are going to do with your facture leg?
Iker: this will never be my fate if Michael's father didn’t do anything like an accident.
Iker: I will never forgive you Michael Kheel?
From coming back from the bridge Kenji found a diary of Amy but he didn’t know that it was his sister's diary.
When he opens it. He read the sentence which he see.
Kenji: Don’t go away from the bad/evil people and bad mentality of society the real challenge is to make yourself good and pure from evil in the evil world.
Suddenly wind below so strongly around him all other people are trying to escape as it looks like it is a thunderstorm. Where all the other people are in a rush Kenji is peacefully looking at the diary. But now he doesn’t know this is his sister's diary. And in this, he turns some papers and reads what is written in the diary.
Kenji: I am afraid what happens if any day comes and Enzo also became that type of person like Micheal kheel. The word bully is very little to say and people also thought it is little but only those who are victims know there is a lot of pain hiding in this one word. This word holds the pain of loneliness, sadness, bitterness, and hopelessness.
Kenji thinks "who is Enzo? Huff sometimes the thing in life bring so any questions and sometimes the other don’t want to answer and sometimes other don’t know also.
It’s 7:00 and Michael kheel standing in the front of the window and watching a couple is sifting to another house so they have put their items in a pickup truck.
Michael now turn his head and look toward that wall where the demon was.
Michael kheel: Don’t you think when they leave the house there is only one thing left in the house and the couple doesn’t take that thing with them.
Demon: what? What is that thing?
Michael kheel: I hate that. That thing remained of something. I have done wrong.
Demon: why do you do that?
Michael Kheel: you know you won’t be here if I didn’t do that.
Demon: you do evil only to make me. But you didn’t know one thing which is not fully complete. It may be me or something else.
Michael Kheel: I hate loneliness.
Michael kheel holds his head with both hands and his disturbing eye is a symbol of his pain. Then he slowly closed his eye.
Suddenly his mom opens the door of his room.
Mom: are you ok Micheal kheel?
Michael kheel: yes mom.
Mom: I think I hear you were talking to someone.
Michael Kheel: no one is here mom.
Mom: ok some have dinner.
After some time around 8:00 pm, Michael is standing in the front of this house and he holds a lighter in his right hand then he through it to the house and the house catches fire. Michael kheel is watching the house with calm eyes but it feels like his eyes are asking questions about the situation. It feels like Michael is totally in his imaginary world where he can do anything. Suddenly Michael kheel is shocked his upper eyelid are raised but the lower eyelid is neutral. He looks toward the house and it is burning and he is standing here for about 5 minutes. Michael thought that he is seeing a dream and now he is wakeup but this is not a dream he burned that house in the reality.
Then his shocking facial expression turns into a fearful face. At this point, his heart feels fear at the bottom of his heart with the anxiety of not being caught but some other. The things start irritating him and Michael feels pressure inside his head his eyes tell everything and the light shining in his eye indicates his pain. He feels like darkness is taking over him. He is continuously thinking that how he can do this? At this point, he is fearfully seeing the house and his breathing rate increase and his hands start shivering and then he holds his head with these shivering hands and said.
Michael kheel: why? Why things are getting harsh?
Michael ran away. When he reaches his room from the window he looks that some people are calling the fire brigade. No one knows how this happens.
Michael looks toward the demon.
Michael: why? You are didn’t come with me. Why? This is so bitter.
Demon: this is the situation that most people with pain feel and ignore whether you remember you’re past or not pain has some effect on your future. Why don’t you try to recover yourself?
Michael Kheel: what is going to happen? Both these worlds are mixing together why imaginary things in imaginary are continuously at war with real things in a realistic world.
Demon: you are saying you hate loneliness in your imaginary world but in reality you like loneliness. You want to spend your time alone.
Michael kheel: why are you not with me in that place?
Demon: unless you didn’t want I can’t move.
In college, every student is happy talking together making friend, and then Kenji sees a boy who is sitting alone. Which is Michael kheel. Kenji come to Michael's kheel sit with him and wanted to talk with him.
Kenji: how are you why are you sitting alone.
Michael kheel looks toward Kenji with clam eyes and staring at him and it feels like he observing something and he observing something deep in his heart and soul.

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