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August will Bring Happiness Book Part 2 | A Fantasy Story in English

Fantasy Story August will Bring Happiness
They both discuss some important points. When Emilia goes from Jackson's house. When she is walking through the street she sees his art teacher and another person talking to him.
Art teacher: now other students refused to go to competition due to personal reasons. I think now only my two students are remaining
Another person: ok I also hear that the famous actor Rayan wants a painting for his house so he organizes a competition between students I also hear that he said if only one student comes he will see his painting and pay him.
Art teacher: ok now I know
Emilia hear all the conversation and said to herself
Emilia: if Jackson only goes maybe the actor Rayan which accept his painting I am not appreciating me but I also painting and we do a comparison between my and Jackson’s art my art is better. If I receive the money I will spend this on my useless wishes like eating and dress on the other hand if Jackson receives this he will do something for his father. What should I do now?
Emilia goes home.
After 9 days
Emilia sends a text message to the art teacher.
Emilia: ahh teacher I can’t come to the competition.
Art teacher: why???
Emilia: ahh sir I’m a little bit sick
Art teacher: why Emilia you are so much going at art than Jackson why you are not going? I tell my student about drawing painting only for this that one day they will do this. Take medicine and go to the competition.
Emilia: but sir
Art teacher: no more excuses Emilia
Emilia: ok sir
Emilia takes the bottle of that blue liquid and drinks that liquid but she feels that nothing happen so she cut her hand skin slightly but she feels that there is no blood coming. Emilia is unconscious after this and she sit on the floor. She said to herself
Emilia: in my past life we were also poor and my father died due to a heart attack and we don’t have much money to save him maybe now maybe Jackson will save his father.
Later that time Emma send a text message to Emilia
Emma: Emilia where are you did you ready for the competition tomorrow is 20 July.
5 minutes later
Emma: Are you busy??
Emma sends a text message to the group of four friends.
Emma: hey guys did you see Emilia? She is not answering my message
Evan: I didn’t see her
Jackson: one week is passed and she didn’t come to my house.
Emma: this is strange ok I will come to her house and then I will tell you what happens
Jackson: ok I hope she is ok
Evan: hmmm
Later that time Emma go to Emilia's house to see her when she arrives there she knocks on the door but Emilia didn’t open the door she knocks it four times then she suddenly remembers that she has an extra key to her house. She opens the door with that key and it's dark she is on the light and sees that Emilia is unconsciously sitting on the floor beside the single sofa. She quickly walking toward her.
Emma: Emilia Emilia what happen to you?
Emma took her phone and call the ambulance for her
Now Emilia is in the hospital room one doctor comes toward Emma after checking Emilia.
Doctor: are you with that girl?
Emma: ahh doctor what happened to her?
Doctor: it feels like she drinks a liquid poison.
Emma: poison
Doctor: her condition is serious
Then the doctor got a call doctor see and the caller is Evan.
Doctor: ahh excuse me I have to listen to it.
Emma: ok no problem.
The doctor goes into his room.
Evan: ok I will take violet to that hospital make sure that all the patients which are affected with poison are treated by you
Doctor: yes
Then someone knocks on the doctor’s room
Nurse: doctor come quickly there is one more patient that drinks the poison.
Evan: I will be there soon.
The doctor goes and checks that patient and that patient is Jackson's father.
The doctor comes to Jackson mother
Mother: doctor what is his condition now.
Doctor: not well he has a serious condition.
later doctor go
Mother calls the Jackson
Mother: Jackson your father will be well soon you don’t have to be worried about your father this will give you more tension.
Jackson: but mom I want to my father
Mother: after your competition
Jackson: ok mom
Jackson and his mother end the call
Emma go toward the Jacksons mother
Emma: Are you a mother of Jackson who is taking classes from an art teacher.
Mother: yes I am
Emma: and that uncle is he is the father of Jackson?
Mother: yes he is
Emma: I hope he will be well soon
Emma go and send a text message to Jackson
Emma: Jackson where are you? Did you not see your dad's condition?
Jackson: I see but my mother said that I will see him after the competition. She thinks if I see him now in this condition I will be more depressed.
Emma: Jackson I don’t know about you but Emilia is in the same hospital where your father is and her room is next to your father's room.
Jackson: what? How does this happen to her?
Emma: I don’t know why but she drinks poison
Jackson: what??
Emma: yes she is in serious condition now
Jackson put his mobile to the table and thinking he said to himself
Jackson: you do this because of me I know that my skills are not good as you so you do this but what happens if that actor didn’t like my painting your sacrifice will be useless at that time.
Then later that time Evan take the violet to the hospital and violet also admit there.
On the night of 19 July, one friend is fainted. Emma thinking about Emilia and Evan thinking about violet and Jackson thinking about his family.
On 20 July the actor buys Jackson’s painting and he receives the money.
On the other hand, Evan is sitting on the chair and someone comes into the room wearing a doctor's coat.
Evan: o you arrive ok did you analyze the patients
Doctor: yes sir they are only 10 patients which are affected by the poison and three are those who are affected by the poison made by you.
Evan: are the violet is one of that three patients
Doctor: ahh yes
Evan: and who are the other two?
Doctor: sir one is your friend and she is Emilia and the other person is Jackson's father.
Evan: what’s Emilia doing here? I don’t understand why she drinks that poison.
Doctor: what should we do now?
Evan: ok don’t let anyone that you are actually working under me.
Doctor: ok sir. Ahh, sir did you find the thing which is effective against your poison, yes I find it and it will be in your hospital room soon.
Evan: go now.
Doctor go from that room
Evan call someone
Evan: Noah I want three bottles of blood o negative.
Noah: ok sir I will give this to you
Evan: don’t give me put that bottle on the doctor in life care hospital I think you know the doctor.
Noah: ok
Jackson goes to the hospital to see his father and his friend Jackson enter his dad's rooms his mother was also there Jackson sees his dad is in an unconscious state and he is wearing an oxygen mask.
Mother: o Jackson do you win the competition.
Jackson towards his mother’s face
Jackson: yes what about father? He is not looking well.
Mother: the doctor said he is in serious condition

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