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August will Bring Happiness Book Part 1

August will Bring Happiness Fantasy Story in English

Main character:

Violet, Emma, Emilia, Ryan, Evan, Lucas, Jackson

Main plot:

There are four friends Emilia, Emma, Jackson, Evan and one day one friend made the most dangerous poison in the research center and he is the head of the research center. Later that poison is drunk by Emilia, Jackson’s father, and another girl. There is a competition on 20 July between different students of art and Jackson will win.


There is an art teacher, he sits on a chair and table present in front of him there is some books and pencils box on the table in front of him. The art teacher sends a message to the Whatsapp group and the group name is “my students” there are four students in this group. In this group, there are two students and two boys. Now the art teacher looks toward the wall clock its 7:45 am so he comes out of his room and sits on the chair around the dining table his wife comes and puts the breakfast on the table and sits on the opposite chair to the art teacher.
Wife: ok so finally from today you will start guiding your students about drawing and painting.
Art teacher: maybe yes
Wife: so do your student know that you are going to teach them about art in hostel room 101.
Art teacher: yes when I first time meets them I tell them.
Wife: now finish your breakfast and get ready.
They finish breakfast and the art teacher go to his room and get ready for going
Jackson is a poor boy he family is not rich but still a lovely family. One day his father his father’s head was injured badly in the accident. His father was in a coma for about two months and his father is in good condition but has not fully recovered yet. His father can walk by himself can eat he is always wearing a bandage on his head. Jackson is sitting on his bed his father comes to his room and he helped him he hold his father’s arms and they both sit on the bed.
Father: Jackson take the art classes regularly and one day you will be able to start painting and drawing as your career.
Jackson: yes father I will take the classes regularly and I hope one day you will be recovered from this injury.
Then father goes to his own room. Jackson picks up the mobile from the table and sees the art teacher's message and then he gets ready. Emma sends a text message to Emilia.
Emma: Are you ready Emilia?
Emilia: yes Emma madam
Emma: why are you saying to me madam I am not that old.
Emilia: Emma I am joking.
Emma: now come to a hostel for classes.
All the students of art teachers are around the age of 20 to 21.
When Emma and Emilia arrive there they see that the building looks so beautiful and of modern design. After five minutes Jackson arrived there and after some time, the art teacher how to arrive. They all said good morning to the art teacher.
Art teacher: where is our fourth student?
Emma: sir we didn’t know about him.
Art teacher: ok I hope he will arrive soon now come to room 101.
The teacher and Jackson go inside the hostel.
Emilia: Emma don’t you think that the teacher is a little bit late.
Emma: yes he is ok now come inside.
Emilia: ok ok but wait wait wait
Emma: what???
Emilia: I heard that a fourth student is a famous person. What do you think?
Emma: I don’t know about him now can we should go inside otherwise we will be late just like a teacher.
They both smile and go inside the hostel. They go inside the room there are five chairs one for the teacher and the other four for students.
Art teacher: ok sit on your seat student.
Now from outside of the building, one black car stops on the front of the hostel door. The drive comes outside the car and opens the back door for one person and now he is Evan. He enters the hostel with four guards behind him and then he enters room 101. The teacher looks at him.
Art teacher: ohh you arrived so students our fourth student is a model.
Emma: oh he is a model.
Emilia: o great.
Evan: nice to meet you guys.
Art teacher: now Evan please sit on your seats.
Evan said to his guards you go now.
In a beautiful house, a girl is watching TV and her name is violet. On TV she sees the news there in the world there is a shortage of o negative. Violet said to herself.
Violet: I also have O negative blood group so I should take care of myself.
On TV she also sees the news that the most dangerous poison is missing from the research center. Violet turn off the TV and get ready and go for buying grocery. Violet buys fruits and when she is coming toward a home she collides with a boy carrying a bottle blue colored liquid some of that liquid drops on fruits but violet doesn’t know about it. Some of that blue liquid also drop on the fruit of the seller but he also doesn’t know about it. After some time Jackson's mother coma and buy the fruits of that blue liquid.
After taking a class from an art teacher. Emma and Emilia going toward school.
Emilia: don’t you think Evan is cool
Emma: yes he looks cool. Yes, he is amazing.
Then the Emilia and Emma's house are in a different direction so she both goes in that direction where her houses are. When Emilia is going toward a home she sees the bottle of blue-colored liquid she picks it up. She brings that bottle home on the other hand violet and Jackson's father eat the fruit of that blue liquid.
One week later
Art teacher send message to WhatsApp group my students
Art teacher: students in this year on 20 July there is a completion between different students of art and the price is lakh try maybe one of my student will win Emilia you and Jackson are good in drawing so I selected both of you for this completion I hope both of you do your best. Start practice from today.
Emilia: ok sir
Jackson: got it sir
Four friends have a WhatsApp group and the name is four friends.
Emilia: Emma art teacher admired my art skills.
Jackson: good
Evan: Jackson do your best in work I hope you will win.
Emilia: ok Jackson come to the restaurants which is near the hostel and we discuss the important things about art.
Jackson: ok I will come.
Later Jackson goes to his father’s room.
Jackson: dad you looks lit bit unhealthy.
Father: maybe this is because of my head and sickness.
Jackson: I hope one day you will recover and we will pay that doctor which treat you.
Father: maybe we will.
Jackson: father there is a drawing competition maybe I will win.
Father: yes you will win you are good are drawing. Jackson I only want to tell you the one thing don’t lose hope because hope is a stronger thing than a fear.
Jackson: ok father
Evan enter into his big house go and sit on sofa beside violet.
Violet: o you are here how is your day?
Evan: good what about you why you looks lit bit unhealthy?
Violet: I don’t know these day what happen to me I feel that I am sick
Evan: o did you take medicine?
Violet: yes I take but nothing happens
Evan: ok take the medicine regularly I hope my wife will recover soon.
Violet: maybe
Now Evan got a call from the research center.
Evan: ahh violet excuse me.
Evan go to the room and hear the call
Evan: hello why are you calling me now?
Noah: ahh sir our most dangerous poison missing. Don’t you see the news
Evan: how????
Noah: actually sir it missing one week ago
Evan: the poison missing one week ago you tell me now.
Noah: so sir but what should I do now?
Evan: what do you think I make you my helper for only for this that one you tell me the most dangerous poison which I made is gone now. Ok now listen to me if the human eats that poison he looks unhealthy and poison slowly eliminates the red blood cells. Try to find that thing which proved effective against this poison.
Noah: ok sir
When Evan ends the call he thinks and said to himself
Evan: violets look unhealthy I think she eats that poison but how does she eat that.
After one week
Evan got a call from Noah again
Evan: Hello what happens now?
Noah: ahh sir we catch that person who takes the poison and he said he wants to take revenge on his brother in law so he take that but he drops it somewhere on the street.
Evan: ok free him what can we do now? Listen to me if anything happens to violet I won’t leave you and did you stop media?
Noah: yes sir
On 8 July Emilia send a text message to Jackson in the same restaurant but this time Jackson won’t come so she decided to go to Jackson's home. She goes to Jackson’s home she knocks on the door one lady opens the door.
Mother: who are you?
Emilia: ahh I am Jackson friend the art teacher select us for the competition on 20 July
Mother: Jackson is not home yet come inside you can wait here for a bit.
Emilia: ok
Emilia goes inside the house Jackson's house looks a lit bit older. She sees a man
Emilia: ahh he is Jackson fathers
Mother: yes he is. Jackson often told me about his friends he said that there are four friends
Emilia: yes we are but the four Evan is a model he is a busy person so normally we use to talk in a group.
Mother: ok so Jackson is learning the art he is more interested in art than in other fields so he can start drawing as a career. Also, we have to pay the money to a doctor who treats the Jackson fathers after the accident.
Emilia: o I am sorry to hear this
Mother: we can’t do anything because this is god decision that we are poor maybe one day his father will be well.
Emilia: hmmm
Jackson comes to the house and sees Emilia.
Emilia: o Jackson you arrive.
Jackson: o sorry I didn’t see your message.
Emilia: no problem

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