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Alibaba Success Story, Journey

Alibaba Success Story, Journey, History


This is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in e-commerce, retail, and the internet. This company was founded by jack ma. Daniel Zhang is the CEO of Alibaba. This company was founded on April 4, 1999, in Hangzhou, China. This company has its headquarters in Hangzhou, China. This is actually a wholesale marketplace for buyers and truth worthy. This is the place most helpful for the buyers who want to purchase goods in large quantities at a lower price. This is the platform that connects suppliers with buyers. Like Amazon and eBay, it also provides an affiliate program. In 2020 this company was called the fifth largest artificial intelligence company and it also gain importance as the sixth most valuable brand.
In the mid-1990 jack, ma knows about the internet and see the new technology as a great business opportunity. In 1995 he visited the United States and there his friend told him more about the internet, technology, and how to connect to websites. Having no experience in coding and in computers he found an Internet Company in china but unfortunately, his first two businesses failed to succeed. Once when he created an online service for Chinese businesses called china pages.
This is the online business of jack ma ever where his work was to make websites for china businesses. Second when he started working as a translator after seeing the language barrier between his own country china and the United States. Jack ma was not disappointed by these failures because he faces a lot of failures and rejection in his whole life.
Later jack ma gathered his 17 friends in his apartment and share his business idea with them and said them to invest in this idea. All of his friends liked his idea of creating his online market place which was Alibaba. From here the story of the world's most successful shopping platform began.
In 1999 the E-commerce company Alibaba was launched. But at first, it was really hard for him.
But later the service and the company started attracting the people so the customers increased and this company also attracted investors from all over the world. Later Alibaba won $5 Million from Goldman Sachs and $20 Million from Softbank.


Like other big company this also have many competitors which are:
Tencent is also a Chinese company. This company specializes in providing internet-related services.
EBay is an American multinational e-commerce company and a competitor of Alibaba. This company has a strong presence in Europe, especially in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Spain
Amazon is the world's most valuable and most powerful company. As Alibaba has a strong presence in the Chinese market amazon has a strong presence in US and European markets. They are competitors of each other because of the same business model and the products they sell.
JD.com also known as dingdong is a Chinese e-commerce company headquartered in Beijing. JD.com is China’s largest online retailer and its biggest overall retailer. It competes with Alibaba and provides a large variety of products. This company has a strong presence in China as compared to the outside world.
Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation it operates a chain of supermarkets. It is the world's largest company by revenue. Walmart sites also offer groceries to gadgets. The main goal of Walmart is “helping people around the world save money and live better – anytime and anywhere – in retail stores and through e-commerce.” Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart.
Alibaba is one of the largest china’s companies. As of 2021 net worth of Alibaba is the US $ 257. 978 billion.


Today it has many subsidiaries which are:

Ali express:

Ali express is a large online retail service that offers products to international customers. It is the most visited site in Russia and the country which bring the most traffic to this site is Brazil. Ali express can automatically detect the language of the country's location and can be translated into multiple languages. Some sellers on Ali express can be companies themselves and individuals. This is also considered the competitor of Amazon.


Cainiao is knowns as china’s smart logistics network. It is a Logistics Company launched by the Alibaba group. Cainiao said about themselves: “We are committed to providing you the best tracking service for all kinds of your cross-border packages. With the accurate and in-time logistics information, you will enjoy the best experience from the most convenient service provided by us.” Alibaba spends billions to build this global logistics network. It provides delivery within 24 hours in China. For others, it takes 20 to 40 days but it also depends on the weight and size of the package.


Daraz is an online marketplace for vendors and customers all across the country. The main motive of this is to provide the product which customers love. Daraz is Pakistani company founded in 2010 by Bjarke Mikkelsen. In 2018 it was acquired by Alibaba group. It is now available in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. It provides 24 hours delivery services for grocery items.

Adore beauty:

Adore Beauty is an Australian cosmetics company and the first company to sell exclusively online. Adore Beauty was founded by Kate Morris in 1999. After sixteen years of founding, it was acquired by the largest Alibaba group. This company is based in the suburb of Northcote in Melbourne, Victoria.


Trendyol is an e-commerce company from turkey with headquarters in Istanbul. It is the largest online marketplace in turkey. Trendyol serves over 30 million shoppers. It is founded in 2010 and acquired by Alibaba in 2018. In one day it delivers more than 1 million packages to customers. Trendyol was only available in turkey but now it was available in other countries through Ali express.


This is a marketing technology platform working for Alibaba. It offers sellers on Alibaba’s group. It also offers marketing services for mobile and personal computers. The main purpose of this is to promote Alibaba and to bring sellers. For this, it uses paid advertising search ads, display ads, feed ads, and affiliate marketing. Alimama is a business within Alibaba Group.

The main goal of Alibaba is to make it easy to do business anywhere in any country. As they say
"We provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands, retailers, and other businesses to leverage the power of new technology to engage with their users and customers and operate in a more efficient way."
“We do not pursue size or power; we aspire to be a good company that will last for 102 years. We aim to build the future infrastructure of commerce. We envision that our customers will meet, work and live at Alibaba.”

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